Urbanspace DMV: The Hot New Food Hall at Tysons

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a bunch of bomb vendors in one place, but Urbanspace DMV is next level.  Their six vendors will blow your effin’ minds, but I’m only featuring four today because I was too full to try Andys Pizza and Stomping Ground.  No worries though, that just means I need to go back and eat more.  So, let’s kick things off with Sen Khao because it’s been days, and I’m still dreaming about their pho.

Sen Khao

This is my first time trying Laotian food, and holy shit, it’s all I want now.  I tried the following 3 dishes and loved them all:  Chuenh Gai ($12), Naem Khao ($14), and Pho Lao Som ($14).  Chuenh Gai = wings, and they are the most delicious wings you’ll ever taste.

They’re glazed in this crazy fermented chili sauce, and I can’t even begin to describe their deliciousness, like they’re a party in your freakin’ mouth.  I hope you can handle heat though because they don’t mess around with spice.

laotian food

Next up, their Naem Khao, crispy rice with fermented pork, pork skin, onion, cilantro and scallions.  This was my least favorite dish of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean much because it was still really tasty.  It’s actually a special so I’m not sure it’ll be around for long so run, don’t walk.

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naem khao

The MVP for me was the pho.  It was a tough choice between the wings and noodz, but what can I say?  I’m a sucker for all things lemongrass.  Their pho had a sour chicken broth with lime, fish sauce, tomato, garlic, chili, dried shrimp, celery and cabbage, and the tanginess was out of this world.  I got it with rice noodles, but you can get egg noodles if you prefer.  This is a super solid dish for lunch and/or dinner so definitely go and try for yourself.

sen khao noodle lift


Yay for delish Japanese food.  If you’re looking for a kickass bowl in the area, Donburi’s the place to be.  I got a side of Ebi Katsu and edamame, and Ted got a Sakedon bowl (aka salmon sashimi on top of rice).  I didn’t try Ted’s food because I’m not big on fish, but he said it was unbelievably fresh and tasty.  I trust that it was nom since he has a dope palette.  Plus, how could something this beautiful NOT be delicious? Ha.

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sakedon bowl

The shrimp was crazy though!  You get 3 pieces per order, and I’m pretty sure they put crack in their crust because the coating is that good.  I mean, I don’t think I’ve had anything crispier.  The edamame was pretty standard, but I’m a sucker for these healthy morsels of goodness!  Get it as a side to feel better about eating fried stuffs because they obviously cancel each other out, ha.

donburi shrimp tempura

Ice Cream Jubilee

ice cream jubilee cones

If you’re a longtime reader of Nomtastic Foods, you already know all about Ice Cream Jubilee.  If you’re new, welcome and you’re welcome.  They’re one of the best dessert places in the area, like their thai tea flavor will change your life.  Victoria, ice cream magician and owner, experiments a ton so expect cool combos that will seriously impress.  They also have soft serve for those of you interested!

Lady M

Oh man, Lady M and I had a real special connection.  I’ve heard amazing things about their cakes so I walked in with high – and I mean HIGH – expectations.  Well, I’m happy to report that their slices were nothing short of amazing.  I tried their signature mille & green tea mille, but I’ll be back to try them all.

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lady m cakes

They have 10 different flavors available so there’s a lot to choose from, but if you haven’t tried their signature yet, start there.  The green tea was fine, but I honestly wouldn’t get it again.  I love matcha as much as the next, but it didn’t blow me away like the signature did.

I took one bite of that baby and legit died from joy.  It was light, fluffy and just the right amount of sweet.  The airy cream was whipped perfection, and it complemented the delicate crepes beautifully.  This dessert doesn’t come cheap, but damn, it’s worth every cent and then some.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed reading about Urbanspace DMV.  Have you had a chance to go yet?  If yes, let me know where you went and what you thought by leaving a comment below.  For more VA noms, check out THIS tab and keep an eye out for fresh new content.  Robby and I are posting every Saturday as well moving forward so mark your calendars, frands.


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