Waffie’s New Limited Time Waffle Creations in February!

Waffie is one of our favorite dessert spots in Baltimore and one thing we absolutely love about them is how creative they are with their specials! At the end of 2021 we saw them release a banana pudding waffle, an Apple Pie a la Mode waffle, and even four special holiday creations including a sugar cookie milk shake (drool). So as you can tell, we’re always excited to see what they have up their sleeve, and February is bringing some amazing desserts!

Waffie’s Birthday Bash Waffle

Waffie just turned 4 years old on Friday, February 4th! This was a super limited run to celebrate the occasion, which was announced on their Instagram and in their newsletter (which, if you’re not signed up to, you really should be so you don’t miss any of their specials!). It was available from February 3rd – 6th, and was made with Fruity Pebbles, cake squares, and whipped cream, and topped with Fruity Pebbles infused icing, mini marshmallow mix, and MORE Fruity Pebbles!

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Valentine’s Day Waffle Box

If you’re not already excited for Valentine’s Day, you should be after hearing this. Waffie is planning to create a Waffle Box for all you love birds! It includes these two gorgeous waffles and a pint of vanilla bean ice cream. The first waffle is the “Love Me Waffle” which is crafted with red velvet squares, cheesecake drizzle, white chocolate (but red colored) drizzle, and Valentine’s Day sprinkles. The second is the “Love Me Not Waffle” made with Oreos, Nutella, chocolate drizzle, and a pink chocolate heart. Be sure to pick up a box to share… or not. No judgement here.

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Hype Foodies Collab: Hype Ditto Waffle

If you happened to miss the Birthday Bash Waffle, don’t fret! There’s another ridiculously tasty waffle creation slated to be released on February 24th! Our buddies over at Hype Foodies just teamed up with Waffie to create the “Hype Ditto Waffle”, which is a sweet stack of ube pudding and whipped cream drizzled with sweetened ube condensed milk and topped with Oreos and a crispy coconut and taro rolled wafer. It’ll be around until the end of March, so grab one while you can!

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