The Perfect Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

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What’s up, Nomsters! We love an awesome, hearty breakfast, but it’s often hard to find the time to whip something up that’s both nutritious and delicious. Luckily, we have the solution! We’ve partnered with Van’s® Waffles to show you how easy it can be to wake up excited for breakfast.

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

waffle breakfast sandwich in hand with yolk dripping

Van’s has tons of amazing products available at stores literally all over the place. We stopped by our local Safeway to grab two of our favorites from their line of waffles – the gluten free versions of their Original and Blueberry flavors! The gluten free waffles are SO good. They are made with whole grain brown rice flour, sweetened with fruit juice, and have a whopping 21-23g of whole grains per serving.

As if that’s not enticing enough, they – just like all their waffle products – are Non-GMO project verified, dairy/egg/corn/nut/cholesterol free, and kosher with absolutely zero artificial flavors. And did you notice the “NO high fructose corn syrup” on the packaging below? You know a brand is legitimately out to help you in your wellness journey when they have nothing to hide and put everything up front.

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When you think of waffles, what comes to mind? Syrup? Maybe fruit? Well, we want to show you that so much more can be done on the savory side that can help you start your day off with energy and really take your breakfast to the next level. So, we’ve put together an ultra tasty, yet super easy recipe for a waffle breakfast sandwich! Van’s Waffles are seriously the perfect size, texture, and flavor to bring everything together, so right before we get to it, have a look at all they have to offer here.

Now, let’s get to the goods!


We made two identical waffle breakfast sandwiches for this post, so you’re often seen double the ingredients in the photos, but here’s exactly what you need for one sandwich:

  • 2 Van’s® Gluten Free Original Waffles
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Avocado


Let’s get into it! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

waffles in toaster

1. Toast the 2 waffles

Do this preferably in a toaster oven – per the instructions on the box. For us it was about 5 minutes to get them just right. Since they’re going to act as the buns for the waffle breakfast sandwich, we prefer to get them a little crispier so they hold their shape well. Once they’re ready, you can remove them and put them on a little rack if you have one. Putting them directly on a plate can work, too, if you’re quick, but if they sit too long on the plate, the condensation that forms on the bottom between the waffle and the plate will soften it, so it’ll be harder to hold when you’re set to dig in.

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Canadian bacon on pan

2. Throw the 3 pieces of Canadian bacon on a pan to warm up

This is a super quick process since the Canadian bacon is most likely already cooked. You just want to heat them up before putting them into the breakfast sandwich.

sliced avocado

3. Cut 3 or 4 slices of avocado lengthwise

Avocados are rich in those good fats, so it’s a great (and nomtastic) addition to the breakfast sandwich. It doesn’t especially matter which way you slice them, but if you do it lengthwise, they’re nearly the perfect size for the waffles.

waffle breakfast sandwich - avocado on sandwich

4. Lay the Canadian bacon down on the bottom waffle, first, then place the sliced avocado on top.

This is our preferred order since the avocados squish pretty easily, so this helps them stay together longer as you’re eating.

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waffle breakfast sandwich - egg on pan

5. Prepare an egg sunny side up

Crack an egg into a pan and let it cook until you get some good, solid white color in the egg whites, but not so long that the yolk starts to harden. You’ll want it nice and runny. Alternatively, if you have an egg ring you can use it to make the egg more shapely and fit completely within the waffles.

waffle breakfast sandwich - egg on sandwich

6. Place the egg on the sliced avocado and top it with the other Van’s waffle!

And you’re ready to chow down! Van’s Waffles are definitely a great way to get going in the morning, and with all the flavors and variations they have, the combinations and recipe ideas are almost endless. But as long as you keep them at the core of the meal, you know you’re, for sure, getting a solid, filling, tasty and nutritious snack that will be a bright way to start your day.

And that’s it, Nomsters! Be sure to check out everything Van’s has to offer here, and we hope you enjoy the waffle breakfast sandwich!

waffle breakfast sandwich complete
waffle breakfast sandwich with Van's packaging flat lay
waffle breakfast sandwich with Van's packaging


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