White Envelope: Arepa Heaven at R. House

*Edit:  White Envelope has closed and been replaced with On Top Burgers since we last reviewed it.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you’ll enjoy the slew of restaurants we’ve featured on here.*

R. House is seriously one of our favorite places to hang in Baltimore. The building seats 350 people with their many booths & communal tables and is home to ten chefs who are killing it all day, err day.  They have SO much good food, but we’re gonna focus on White Envelope today because we heart their arepas so damn much.  Run by Chef Federico Tischler and his team, they offer a mind-blowing menu that mixes traditional Venezuelan food with global flavors and preparations.

white envelope r house

We hit them up for lunch with Food Nomad and ordered a TON of grub to sample together.  We started our meal off with three different arepas, and loved each and every one.  We haven’t tried all 12 yet, but let’s be real, we’ll get there soon.  For our recent nom adventure, we got the following:

  • la Morcilla (aka Holy Bloody):  a blood sausage arepa, with grilled white cheese, confit portobello, nata, avocado, jalapeño sauce, and pickled onions.
  • la Reina pepiada (aka the Queen and her Crown):  a beet arepa with roasted chicken thigh, avocado mayo, crunchy sweet peas, and cilantro.
  • Asado negro (aka Paint it Black):  an arepa filled with short rib, burnt caramel sauce, spiced plantain purée, crunchy tostones, and pickled green papaya.
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The first two were priced at $9, and the third was just 50 cents more.  All three arepas were cooked to crispy perfection so it’s hard to choose which one we liked best.  The flavor profiles were all really interesting so it honestly just boils down to personal preference.  To browse their other offerings, check out their full menu here!  BTW, their menu is 100% gluten free and cooked from scratch.

white envelope arepas r house

The vendors at R. House started offering brunch plates as well so we obviously couldn’t resist getting a plate for ourselves.  Pictured:  a fried egg, bacon, grilled (omfg this was amazing) cheese, yuca hash brown, an arepa, and coconut black bean butter.  This plate was everything good in life.  Come with all your frands to start the day off right!

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white envelope brunch plate

Next on our list of noms? MINI AREPAS!!!!!  These are available on their catering menu along with other goodies like…

  • Venezuelan crispy falafel with butternut squash puree
  • Rompe Colchón – shrimp and squid in a spicy tomato-orange sauce
  • Crispy Wings with spiced sugar cane syrup
  • Mini Crab Cake with mango-habanero hot sauce and red cabbage
  • Shot of velvet black bean soup with coconut and cilantro
  • …amongst so much more…

Moral of the story:  get them to cater your next event for a truly nomtastic experience.  You can order individual items or do a buffet!  They also have desserts available for those of you interested.  We were stuffed so we didn’t get any, but cornbread pudding sounds pretty damn delish, not gonna lie.

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white envelope mini arepas

A closer look at their caprese mini-arepa – just look at that beaut…

white envelope r house arepas baltimore

Andddd that’s a wrap for today.  What did you guys think of White Envelope?  And out of curiosity, how many of you have tried arepas before?  Let us know by commenting below.  To browse more MD foodporn, click HERE!


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