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Wooboi: The Hottest Chicken Sandwich in the DMV Area

Nomsters, we finally tried Wooboi’s code blue chicken sandwich, and damn, it really IS as spicy as everyone says.  We’re pros when it comes to heat, but we’ve finally met our match with this epic handheld.  Made with Carolina Reaper, this sammie will high key light your mouth on FIRE.

It’s really delicious though, just stupid hot. Wooboi has some of the best chicken sandwiches we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring so we highly, HIGHLY recommend going if you haven’t yet.

Pictured below:  their “sando,” made with chicken breast, ciderslaw, butter pickles, and comeback sauce on a potato bun.  And this was code blue (super ex hot) by the way – their other levels are as follows:  classic (no heat), level 1 (mild), level 2 (medium), level 3 (hot), and code red (ex hot).

We personally like code red the best, but keep in mind that we LOVE heat.  And to give you some perspective, we can eat and ENJOY buldak nuclear noodles, even the 2x spicy version.  A lot of people tell us that even the mild is spicy so we recommend starting with their classic if you’re unsure.  Better safe than sorry, right?

As for sides, we have yet to try their fried okra, but we’re big fans of their waffle fries.  Their Choi fries (basically a huge pile of loaded fries with all sorts of delicious toppings) are also uber popular as well, but we prefer their “regular” since their sammies are so big!  Their tenders basket is delicious as well.  It comes with 4 huge pieces, white bread and pickles so that’s a nom option, too.

They currently have two locations in the DMV area:  one in Herndon (their original location) and a new brick and mortar in Alexandria, VA.  They’re open for dine-in, pickup and delivery so make sure you get your fix sooner rather than later.  And remember to report back with thoughts, ESPECIALLY if you’re brave enough to try their code blue.

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