Wooboi: The Must Try Chicken Sandwich in Herndon, VA

Thank the food gods for Wooboi Hot Chicken because their sandwiches are everything we’ve ever wanted.  We drove a good hour and ten minutes to get their food, and we’d happily sit through DMV traffic to enjoy it again.  Yeah, that’s how much we loved their chicken sammies.  They offer antibiotic + free ranged chicken that’s fried in 100% peanut oil.

Wooboi hot chicken

Their sandwiches are huge, and their chicken’s super moist and tender.  They offer 6 levels of heat – 1-2 are fairly mild but 5 is ghost pepper, and 6 is carolina reaper.  We tried level 5, and it was actually manageable, but to be fair, we also eat hella spicy so we don’t recommend it unless you’re confident you can really handle heat.

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wooboi chicken sandwiches

For our recent nom adventure, we got their Sando, tenders basket, Choi fries, savory fries, and their Thousand Sunny.  Everything was obscenely tasty, but our favorite was actually their classic sandwich.  Think heavily seasoned chicken breast that’s masterfully fried topped with ciderslaw, butter pickles, and comeback sauce on a soft potato bun.  Simple perfection we could enjoy everyday for the rest of our lives.  Tangy, sweet AND savory with a texture game so strong, you’ll be itching to come back the next day.

wooboi french fries

What’s a sandwich with no fries?  Although their sweet fries sound bomb (sweet potato fries tossed with cinnamon and sugar), we recommend sticking with their regular if you’re a first-timer:  delicious waffle fries tossed in level one shake.

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loaded fries

If you want something a bit more foodporny, consider getting their Choi fries, a secret menu item that’s great for the ‘gram.  It’s only a dollar more, and you’ll get the aforementioned savory fries topped with ciderslaw, pickles and secret sauce.  And don’t forget to get their Wooboi lemonade.  It’s freshly squeezed and goes perfectly with their food.  We also hear incredible things about their fried okra so we’ll be back soon to give that a go.

chicken tenders

Alright friends, that’s it for today, but we hope you enjoyed reading all about their noms.  For those of you interested, they’re located on 139 Spring St. Suite 1 in Herndon, VA, in an unassuming strip mall, and their hours are as follows: Monday through Friday from 11-9PM and Saturdays from 11-4PM.  For more on Virginia food, make sure to check out this tab and keep an eye out for more coming your way.  Until next time, friends!

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