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We started Nomtastic Foods from our simple love of bomb noms. There’s seriously nothing better than exploring the world and experiencing all the deliciousness it has to offer, including all the major and subtle differences between regions, and the traditional styles, as well as the new school and more experimental dishes being created today. Our goal is to fuel your appetite and make sure you always know where and what to eat no matter what you’re craving.

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We provide several services including food photography, influencer marketing, brand ambassadorships, event promotion/coverage, and social media management and consultation.

We’ve had the pleasure of providing food photography and influencer marketing campaigns for brands like Frito-Lay, Folgers, Snapple, Snickers, Stella Artois, Odwalla, Grubhub, Hatfield, Smartwater, Silk, Prairie Organic Spirits, Foodbeast, and many others.

We’ve also partnered with and provided social media and blog coverage for national food chains like Domino’s, Ruth’s Chris, Red Lobster, Papa John’s, Carl’s Junior, Church’s Chicken, and Pinstripes, as well as 500+ local restaurants and food/drink spots across the US.

We recently published a book on Washington, DC Food Crawls (available for purchase on Amazon here), and Kimberly, one of our founders, is also the DC host of Thrillist’s YouTube series, $5 Lunch!  If you’d like to work with us, shoot us an email at info@nomtasticfoods.net!

Looking to level up your digital presence? We provide digital marketing services including social media management and content creation for food and hospitality brands. And if you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, we created another blog, Digital Marketing Daily, full of useful, actionable digital marketing tips and strategies covering topics ranging from social media and blogging to email marketing and content creation.

Meet the Founders

Kimberly Kong

What up, guys!  I’m Kimberly Kong, and I’m the DMV (DC/MD/VA) part of Nomtastic Foods. I’ve been living here for the last 14 years, searching for all things delicious to feed your feed on the regular.  I’m a Juilliard-trained pianist and teacher by day and dedicated blogger by night.  On top of posting drool-worthy food, I write about glam living on a budget on Sensible Stylista, my lifestyle blog.  It’s my mission in life to help you all live like royalty without breaking the bank so make sure you follow along.

Robby Myers

‘Suuup, world! I’m Robby and I’m the West Coast half of Nomtastic Foods. I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA with a 5 year stint in SoCal and a couple years in Tokyo. I’m an avid adventurer in search of all things delicious and love finding hidden gems all over the Bay Area. When I’m not balancing six tacos in one hand with a camera in the other, I’m all about traveling, travel photography on my other Instagram account, Scenic Path, body weight exercises, cruising down Highway 1, and producing and writing my own hip hop music in English and Japanese.



Chris Singlemann

Howdy! Chris here. I’m a videographer, photographer, and amateur mixologist living it up in Baltimore, MD. Originally from New York, I’m the son of a chef who inherited not much of the talent, but all of the love for everything food and drink. I’ve never tended bar a day in my life, but that doesn’t stop me from creating cocktail recipe videos in my spare time. When the camera’s put away, I’m probably chasing after my dog or completing another rewatch of The West Wing on Netflix.

Lily Morello

Hi, there! I’m Lily, a San Francisco based food blogger. I love cooking at home and seeking out inspo for new edible creations in my city and around the world. I never went to culinary school but I did cut class a lot in college to watch cooking shows on TV. When I am not doing something related to food (e.g., cooking, photographing, eating), I am probably flying somewhere with good food, struggling to apply my eyeliner symmetrically, or cuddling with a dog. Check out more of my food creations on my Instagram account, @lilybubbletea.

Michelle Chou

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle, one half of the foodie crew of Fooodiemon.  I’ve grown up being a creative at heart, always painting, sketching, and designing.  Years ago my cousin got me hooked on Yelp which lead me to develop a love for food.  I’m constantly in search of the best food and experiences around the world.  Now, I am blessed to explore my creativity through my two passions: design and food!  When I’m not working as a (typical) professional in the San Francisco Bay Area tech industry, I’m a professional photographer for the restaurant industry.  I also LOVE the cinema and yes I have the AMC stubs A-list membership.

Sung Shin

Hey everyone. I’m Sung Shin and I’ll be helping Nomtastic Foods with coffee related content. I was born and raised in the DMV but spent many summers in Korea as a child, taking trips back as much as time allows as an adult. I’m a program manager by day, but spend my off hours reading/collecting books,  practicing photography, and cooking (especially experimenting with drink and dessert recipes).

Robin Tan

Hey guys! I’m Robin, I live in sunny San Diego, and I run the Instagram account @_sandiegofoodie. I grew up in Philly, went to college in North Carolina, attended grad school in Tampa and then moved out to SD 4 years ago.

Like the other Nomtastic Foods contributors, I love eating and traveling. In my spare time, you can find me playing sports (I used to play women’s tackle football and I also play competitive travel kickball… yes, that’s a thing) or doing other fun outdoor activities (California has made me an avid hiker) or cuddling with my cats.

Ellie Ferdowsi

Ellie Ferdowsi - foodthoughtsforall

Hey there, foodies! Ellie here, the creator behind the Instagram account @foodthoughtsforall. I grew up in chilly Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved out to always-sunny San Diego in December 2018. Ever since moving to the West Coast, my love for food and travel spiked significantly! I look forward to researching to find the best of the best in each town and creating content for all foodie lovers to enjoy! And if I find spare time when I’m not searching for the best pizza, you’ll find me in the yoga studio attempting to burn off some of those calories!

Claire Wu

Hello fellow foodies! I’m Claire, an aspiring food journalist, and photographer based in NYC. I was born & raised in Taiwan and came to the States for college in 2015. Upon graduating from uni, I moved to New York from Boston to further my journey as a content creator while eating my way through NYC.
Growing up as a third culture kid has deeply rooted my belief in food bringing people together. I look forward to sharing my food journey in NYC with you all! Check out my instagram @eatadakimasuw for more food content!

Thank you! Stay tuned for all the nomtastic goodness..

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