Top 5 Must Try Eats at Allegory DC

Allegory’s my all time favorite bar in DC for more reasons than one.  But here’s YET another reason why everyone should go ASAP.  Not only do they have the best cocktail menu in the city, the food’s fire as well (like, actually fire).  So, here are 5 must try dishes for y’all, in no particular order.

1.  Bread & Butter(flies)

Allegory DC food

Smoked onion brioche rolls with whipped everything spiced butter and garlic chips.  Yes, you read that correctly.  EVERYTHING SPICED BUTTER WITH GARLIC CHIPS.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this starter.  The bread’s freshly baked so it’s soft as can be, and the butter is otherworldly.  It’s  heaven in carb form, and it’s something you need to experience stat.

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2.  Slay The Jabberwocky

Allegory DC fried goat cheese

Because who wouldn’t like fried goat cheese with pepper jelly?  Let’s be real.  Anything fried’s delicious, but fried goat cheese?  GTFOH.  It’s as delicious as you would imagine so make sure you get an order or two for your table to share.

3.  The Duchess!  The Duchess!

Allegory DC food

Potatoes are pretty much my best friend so when I found out these were twice baked duchess potatoes in the shape of donuts, served with ranch dressing, I couldn’t NOT get this.  Tasty, creative and fun – what’s not to love?  There are only three per order so you may need to get more than one.

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4.  Curiouser and Curiouser

Allegory DC banh mi katsu sando

There are two delicious handhelds available at Allegory, and both of them are nothing short of scrumptious.  This one’s their Bahn Mi Katsu Sando, and it’s made with crispy pork, jalapeño aioli, pickles and herbs.  Think explosive flavors, and the meat’s so damn juicy.  The other option?  A fantastic chicken sandwich called “Chicken or the Egg!”  You can’t go wrong with either so make sure you try both at some point!

5.  Tiramisu Parfait

tiramisu parfait Allegory DC

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this parfait’s a must.  Made with candied cocoa nibs and mascarpone sabayon, this dessert has THE  most amazing texture.  It’s so creamy, I guarantee it’ll be love at first bite.  Enjoy it with an espresso martini for the ultimate treat!

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Have you guys been to Allegory yet?  It’s located in the stunning Eaton DC hotel, behind the books in the library.  They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, and there’s almost always a massive wait list Th-Sa so I recommend going on a T/W if possible.  And go earlier rather than later if you can since it’s first-come, first-served.

For more on delish DC experiences, head to this tab and get your browse on!  Remember to follow me on @nomtasticdc & @districtdrinks to stay in the know, and check back soon for fresh new content coming your way.  Until next time, friends! Eat all the things.


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