Beard Papa: Decadent Cream Puffs in SF

What’s up, Nomsters! Beard Papa is an awesome cream puff chain from Japan that’s been in San Francisco for awhile now. They’re like little clouds of sweet, creamy goodness with a pastry shell (technically eclairs, but we like our description better). They have several flavors that stick around all year, but their seasonal and limited time flavors are where they truly shine.

When we visited the Beard Papa location downtown on Yerba Buena Lane, we ordered chocolate, strawberry, matcha, Oreo Cookie Crumble, chocolate with marshmallows, and crispy almond. They’re all decadent and delicious with a subtle sweetness that makes each one really enjoyable and not overpowering. We recommend the Oreo Cookie Crumble and the Strawberry ones the most! but the crispy almond was also tasty in its own way, and it’s shaped like a donut, but with cream filling.

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Oreo Cookie Crumble




Beard Papa - Strawberry and Matcha stack

Check them out and grab some to take home! They fill them up with cream when you order so they’re always super fresh and never soggy. They even had a boba filling that we didn’t try, but it looked really good, so consider that as well!

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