8 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in San Francisco

SF is full of amazing dim sum so navigating the sea of possibilities can be a little daunting. Luckily, I’ve done some homework *burp* and think these are the 8 best dim sum restaurants in San Francisco you 100% need to try! The good news is that these spots are located all over the city so there’s most likely a solid option close to wherever you are. So let’s get to the goods!

1. Dragon Beaux

Dragon Beaux has made a name for themselves in the Richmond District of SF, which has always had a decently large Chinese community. And with other big names nearby, you need to stand out if you want to last. Dragon Beaux has a really unique and cool atmosphere with gold and purple accents on the furniture and floor to ceiling artwork and decorations everywhere you look. The food itself is colorful, presented well, and most importantly, delicious! Definitely try their XLB.

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2. Hong Kong Lounge

Hong Kong Lounge needs no introduction as one of the best dim sum restaurants in San Francisco, but we’re going to do it anyway! It’s been a mainstay in the city for years and you often see lines out the door for their amazing dim sum. One of my favorites is their Cheung Fun, but you really can’t go wrong here.

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Photo by Karen Y. on Yelp

3. City View Restaurant

City View Restaurant is on the very eastern edge of Chinatown, right next to FiDi and Union Square, so prior to the pandemic and the mass exodus out of downtown, they got a large number of diners each day from the working crowd. I read some recent reviews saying that the restaurant was crowded again, which is awesome to hear after it was basically a ghost town down there for the last couple years. The inside isn’t anything fancy, but the dim sum never disappoints.

Photo by Jake T. on Yelp

4. China Live

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, China Live is definitely one of the best dim sum restaurants in San Francisco! They make some of the best soup dumplings in SF, and be sure not to miss their pan fried dumplings, either!

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Photo by Lisa I. on Yelp

5. Good Luck Dim Sum

Good Luck Dim Sum is targeting a different market than the other restaurants on this list. In my opinion, it’s the best dim sum restaurant in SF for a takeout deal. For the amount that you get in a takeout container you won’t find a better deal in town. It’s literally a hole in the wall, and while there are a couple tables inside, when the line out the door starts to form, it gets pretty cramped, so you’ll probably want to take your dim sum to-go, either way.

Photo by Joanne J. on Yelp

6. Great Eastern

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Great Eastern has incredible dim sum, with the shrimp dumplings being a fan favorite. Long waits are a commonality among the top tier dim sum restaurants in SF, and this spot is no different. They have the space for larger parties, but you can expect a wait unless you get there early.

Photo by Gloria H. on Yelp

7. Dumpling Time

Dumpling Time is the Millenials’ and Gen Z’s dim sum joint. They take a more modern angle with their neon signs and bright red soup dumplings, among other touches, but don’t be fooled by their non-traditional approach. The dim sum is still super tasty, AND they have a location right at the entrance to Chase Center, so if you’re heading to a Warriors game, make sure to leave some time to get your grub on before the game!

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Photo by Linh D. on Yelp

8. United Dumplings

United Dumplings gets the nod for a completely different reason — their dumplings are super unique! How would you like to sink your teeth into a chicken mushroom truffle dumpling? You really taste the truffle, by the way, so if you’re a fan, it’s totally worth an order. Another highlight is their Mission Chicken Pot Stickers, which are made with – among other things – mozzarella cheese. They’ve got some chill outdoor tables, and they’re in Bernal Heights, so you can walk around and take in the views after you’re done.

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