Top 17 Best Easter Desserts

Alright Nomsters, it’s time for another Easter dessert roundup.  If you missed Robby’s latest featuring droolworthy Cadbury egg recipes, definitely take a look.  Today, we’re highlighting 50 of our favorite Easter desserts so we hope you’re pumped because we’re about to change yo life and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.  So let’s get to it!


1.  Moore or Less Cooking:  Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Hands down, one of the cutest cupcakes we’ve ever seen, and the recipe’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Simply slice a few marshmallows in half to get the ears and coat them in pink sprinkles.  Brilliant right?

2.  Lil’ Luna: Easter Basket Cookie Cups

Easter Basket Cookie Cups

If you’re looking to impress, you definitely gotta try Lil’ Luna’s recipe.  Create delish peanut butter cookie cups to start and fill ’em up with made-from-scratch buttercream before finishing them off with festive egg candies.

3.  i heart naptime:  Chocolate Egg Nest Treats

Chocolate Egg Nest Treats

Although this looks all kinds of fancy, it’s actually pretty easy to make!  All you need is chocolate, butterscotch, and mini Cadbury eggs in the color of your choice.  This no-bake recipe only takes minutes, and it’ll definitely be a crowd pleaser.

4.  Inspired by Charm:  Carrot Cake Truffles

Carrot Cake Truffles

How good does that sound though?  These babies are essentially cake pops without sticks, and what better way to celebrate Easter than munch on one of these nom carrot cake truffles!  The adorable sugar carrots are just the icing on the cake…literally.

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5. Mom Does Reviews:  Easy Dipped Spring Oreos

Easy Dipped Spring Oreos

Let’s be real, Oreos are the real MVP, and what better way to dress ’em up than dip them in frosting and coat them with sprinkles and all sorts of other goodies.  Not only are these tasty and festive, they’re easy to make so your entire fam can join in on the fun.

6.  Far From Normal:  Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of Easter, Peeps usually comes to mind.  These  cupcakes may look complicated, but they’re actually very easy to make.  Just make sure you stock up on twizzlers, jelly beans and peeps before your baking extravaganza.

7.  Passion for Savings:  Easter Crack White Toffee

Easter Crack White Toffee

With a name like Easter crack, how could you not give this recipe a try?  Whether you like toffee or not, we guarantee this treat will leave your tummy completely and utterly satisfied.  It makes for a great gift as well so what are you waiting for? Go and get your bake on.

8.  Freebie Finding Mom:  Flower Pretzel Bites

Flower Pretzel Bites

Jazz up pretzels with some handy dandy white candy melts and M&Ms.  Freebie Finding Mom used pastel M&Ms for her recipe, but feel free to go with whatever colors tickle your fancy.

9.  The Decorated Cookie:  Easter Peeps S’mores Dip

Easter Peeps S'mores Dip

This two-ingredient recipe is bound to be a hit, and it’s easy as can be.  It only requires chocolate and peeps, but feel free to mix things up and experiment with different add ins like white chocolate chips, peanut butter and more.  The possibilities are endless!

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10.  The Decorated Cookie:  Easy Easter Bunny Pretzels

Easy Easter Bunny Pretzels

Yet another Decorated Cookie recipe because we can’t get enough of her adorable creations.  All you need are mini pretzel twists, white candy melts, disposable decorating bags and some food writers.

11. Inspired by Charm:  Coconut Macaroon Nests

Coconut Macaroon Nests

Sweetened coconut is always a do in our book.  Follow Inspire by Charm’s recipe to create THE cutest Easter dessert for your family and friends.  Mix shredded coconut with egg whites and a touch of sweetness to create the ultimate “nest” for your candy eggs.

12.  Wilton:  Bunny Bottom Cone Cake

Bunny Bottom Cone Cake

When your dessert is almost too cute to eat.  This recipe is a little more challenging than the ones above, but it’ll be well worth the effort.  Expect to wow your loved ones with these adorable bunny butts this Easter.

13.  it’s always autumn:  Cinnamon Sugar Bunnies

Cinnamon Sugar Bunnies

Holy yum!  These charming cinnamon twists are as flaky as can be, and they’re just the right amount of sweet.  Serve them with a side of extra frosting so people can enjoy as they please. This delicious recipe only calls for 5 ingredients, and it’s perfect for an Easter celebration.

14. Mom on Timeout:  Easter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easter Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s better than a solid chocolate chip cookie?  An Easter inspired one, obviously.  These are the epitome of decadence, extra thick, extra chewy and loaded with all things good in life.  Celebrate Easter with these outrageously scrumptious noms.

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15.  Say Yes:  Easter Meringue Pastel Kisses

Easter Meringue Pastel Kisses

These gorgeous meringues are lighter than air.  Many think they’re made from marshmallows, but they’re actually a sweet foam made from egg whites.  Experiment with food coloring to create Easter-friendly hues that are great for any and every occasion.

16.  Just a little bit of Bacon:  Italian Easter Cookies

Italian Easter Cookies

Known as taralli dolci, these delightful cookies are basically savory crackers with a sweet glaze.  Although there are a slew of variations available, this recipe is vanilla flavored with pastel icing and playful sprinkles.  Enjoy with a hot cup of joe or a glass of milk!

17.  Ahead of Thyme:  Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

What better way to celebrate Easter than to decorate sugar cookies with the entire fam?  Whether you’re a novice or baking pro, you’ll enjoy making these with your loved ones.  Make them as elaborate or as simple as you please.

Alright friends, we hope we enjoyed our latest roundup.  Let us know which dessert stood out to you by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for fresh, new content coming your way.  We update every Monday, Thursday and Saturday so keep an eye out.  Enjoy the rest of your week, and go eat all the things.


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