Top Christmas Dessert Recipes Perfect for the Holiday Season

Are you guys ready for another holiday roundup?  Y’all liked our Halloween dessert post so much we decided to do another one in honor of Christmas.  We’re spotlighting 5 festive recipes that will bring serious cheer to you and your fam this season.  So without further ado, let’s kick things off with…

1.  Dessert for Two:  Christmas Lights Cookies

Dessert for Two Christmas Lights Cookies

The uber talented Christina Lane from Dessert for Two recently shared THE most adorable cookie recipe on her blog.  And how could we resist featuring her?  This is perfect for those of you with kids because what child (or adult tbh) wouldn’t love devouring nom sugar cookies with M&M “lights.”  Christina even shares her bomb icing recipe so you have the option of making everything from scratch.  Click here for directions!

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2.  Thirty Handmade Days:  Reindeer Rice Krispies

Thirty Handmade Days Reindeer Rice Krispies

Is this not the cutest recipe ever?  And they’re oh so simple to make.  Prep only takes about 10 minutes, let ’em cook for 20, and voila!  You have the most instagram-worthy noms at your disposal.  Mique (pronounced Mickey) shares everything from DIY crafts to creative recipes on her blog, Thirty Handmade Days.  Peep her content for more and get deets for this particular recipe here.

3.  Tidy Mom:  Santa Munch Christmas Popcorn

Tidy Mom Santa Munch Christmas Popcorn

Looking for a fun way to elevate popcorn?  Cheryl Sousan, the founder of Tidy Mom, shares an easy recipe on her blog that’s perfect for the holiday season.  See how white cake mix, M&Ms and holiday sprinkles transform something “basic” into something very much gourmet.

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4.  Half Baked Harvest:  Gingerbread Cupcakes

Half Baked Harvest Gingerbread Cupcakes

If Half Baked Harvest sounds familiar to you guys, it’s probably because we’ve featured Tieghan on Nomtastic Foods previously.  Or you follow her.  Or you already own her cookbook.  You get it, she’s a big freakin’ deal.  She hits it out of the park again with this beautiful gingerbread cupcake recipe with made-from-scratch cinnamon browned butter buttercream.  Click to see how you can recreate these stunning desserts at home and wow all your friends and fam at your next holiday potluck.

5.  Cooking Classy:  M&M Hugs

Cooking Classy M&M Hugs

Whether you’re looking to make a fun snack for the ultimate holiday get-together or create a festive goodie bag for friends, this 3-ingredient recipe will serve you well.  So grab a bag of pretzels, M&Ms and chocolate and follow Jacklyn’s directions here for a delicious treat that’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

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Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed our latest roundup!  We’ll be sharing more of these throughout the next few weeks so make sure you keep and eye out.  We also take content requests so if you want to see something specific, just let us know by emailing, commenting or giving us a shot on social.  If you don’t follow us on instagram yet, make sure to do so to see amazeballs foodporn that will feed your feed on the daily.  We’re also super active on facebook so check out our page.  Until next time, friends.


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