Eat Drink SF 2019

Eat Drink SF is truly the best celebration of San Franciscos finest tastemakers within the food and beverage industries. This year the event took place at The Midway.

Honestly, if you were looking to shell out any money for any food event this would be the one. It’s a massive tasting of everything you can dream of and more. You have to prep yourself for a food marathon, so get that stomach ready and loosen up that belt buckle.

Welcome cup for all the drink options

There were endless food and drink options. In all honesty, you would need a full day to get through it all. The vendors for the AM session vary from the PM session. When we entered we were greeted by this beautiful, colorful display from Lillet.

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Lillet Spritz with Lillet Blanc or Lillet Rose
 Cotes de Provence wine options
Curio SF
Palette SF
Anzu Wagyu | Beef Tataki

Makers Mark had a great tasting section with so many options. They even gave everyone the chance to customize their own Mac Cutting Board.

Comstock Saloon Malt | Vinegar Chicharrones
Barcino | Chilled Melon Garpacho
Four Star Seafood
One 65 San Francisco
Tsar Nicoulai Caviar
Redbreast Whiskey

Truly a night to remember, highlighting many of San Francisco’s finest in the food and beverage industry. Follow Eat Drink SF for 2020’s dates!

For more foodie adventures, follow my Instagram, @TheFoodiemon. Happy to connect on more events and food! Special thanks to @Redbreastwhiskeyus for this magical night.

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