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Kyoto Matcha: A Dessert Lover’s Dream Come True

Located at 33 Maryland Ave in Rockville, MD, Kyoto Matcha is everything you’ve ever wanted in a dessert cafe.  Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, we can pretty much guarantee their noms will leave you cheesin’ from ear to ear in post-food coma bliss.

kyoto matcha rockville

They have a huge menu so you’re gonna want to go with a horde of frands to try all the yums.  Get a spread and indulge family style because sharing is caring.  And rest assured, whatever you get is going to be beautiful so make sure you have your camera/s ready to go.

matcha soft serve

You honestly can’t go wrong with any of their dishes, but we strongly recommend their matcha soft serve ($5.50 in a cone), their matcha crepe layer cake ($7.50), and their matcha tiramisu ($7.50, accompanied with a matcha shot).

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Their ice cream has a beautiful subtle matcha flavor that’s as creamy as can be, and you can add all sorts of fab toppings like gold sheet leaf, boba, and more for a small fee.  We recommend the swirl for max flavor but to each their own.

matcha crepe cake

Now, onto cakes because cake makes life better just by existing.  If you thought Lady M was good, you’re in for a surprise because the matcha crepe cake here?  So good, you could cry.  It’s made fresh on site, and the texture’s out of this world.  It’s light, it’s fluffy, it’s creamy.  And it has this amazing milky taste to it that’ll hook you at first bite.

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matcha crepe

Although it’s tough to pick favorites, the highlight of our nomfest was definitely their matcha tiramisu.  We don’t have words to explain this sorcery, but it’s literally perfection in a box.  The sponge to cream ratio’s on point, and the matcha notes really come through strong.  The only complaint we have is that we wanted a bigger portion, but it is what it is.  However, it came with a complementary matcha shot so that was a nice surprise.

matcha tiramisu

We haven’t had a chance to go back yet, but we will soon because there’s just too much deliciousness we need to experience.  We’ve been eyeing their matcha roll cake, their sweet potato crepe cake and their matcha puff hard.  If you try these goodies before we do, definitely make sure to leave us a note below with your thoughts.

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For those of you interested,  Kyoto Matcha’s open Sunday – Thursday from 11:30-10PM and Friday – Saturday from 11:30-11PM, and they’ll validate parking for you up to 2 hours in their garage so make sure you take advantage.  Don’t waste time like we did searching from street parking because they gotchu.  Happy eating, friends!  For more on MD foodporn, make sure you check out this tab.  And stay tuned for fresh new content coming your way Monday.


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