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6 Must Try Asian Restaurants in DC

Looking for good Asian food in Washington, DC?  Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to drop some serious knowledge.  We’re all quarantined right now so we may as well be quarantined with delish eats.  So, here are 6 must try Asian restaurants in DC that are currently offering takeout and/or delivery!  Read for recommendations on bomb dishes we love along with hours, order info and more.

1.  Anju

There’s a reason Washingtonian named Anju the number 1 best restaurant in the DC area.  If you’re looking to enjoy delicious Korean comfort food at home during quarantine 2020, ordering takeout from them is an absolute must.

anju mandu

They’re currently offering contactless pickup so definitely make sure to take advantage.  Some of our personal favorite dishes include their mandu and their chikin (available in half/whole).  They’re also selling bottles of soju and makgeolli as well for those of you interested.

anju fried chicken

Hours of operation:  5-9 daily, last call at 8:30.  Order pickup online via toast or contact-free in front of their restaurant.  For contactless pickup, simply call 202-845-8935 when you arrive out front.

2.  The Game

hot wings the game

Located in Adams Morgan, this hole-in-the-wall gem is serving up delish Filipino dishes for pickup or delivery via ubereats.  Items are limited so make sure you pre-order ASAP.  Must try dishes include their beef pares (braised fatty beef brisket served with beef broth and garlic fried rice), their lumpiang (think of these as filipino egg rolls), and their wings (choose from rum glaze, bumbo or BBQ).

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beef pares the game

On top of scrumptious Filipino classics, they’re also selling a slew of dope cocktails so make sure you take a looksee.  Hours of operation:  4-8PM on Wednesday and Saturday, 11AM-3PM on Sundays.  Click here to order!

3.  Bantam King

chicken ramen

Craving noodz?  Then you definitely want to get Bantam King to go.  They specialize in chicken-based broths so their ramen’s probably lighter than you’re used to, but their bowls are equally flavorful.  Our personal favorite is their spicy miso, but you can’t go wrong with anything you get there so go wild.

spicy wontons

Other must tries include their fried chicken plate, their rice with chicken drippings, and their gyoza.  Hours of operation are as follows:  Monday-Wednesday 11AM-8PM and Thursday-Sunday 11AM-9PM.  Order for pick up, delivery with caviar or delivery with uber eats by clicking on the respective tabs!

bantam king rice

4.  ChiKo

Thank the food gods for ChiKo.  They do modern Chinese and Korean cuisine, and their noms are damn delicious. Both their locations (Capitol Hill and DuPont) are open, and they offer free delivery via caviar.  Although there’s a lot of overlap with their menus, they offer a handful of different dishes at each place so definitely take a look.

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cumin lamb noodles

One thing’s for sure though, make sure to get their cumin lamb stir fry, any (or all) of their dumplings, their crispy chicken springrolls, their chilled marinated littleneck clams, and their orange-ish chicken.  Andddd you’re welcome in advance!

chicken spring rolls kimchi and pork dumplings orangeish chicken

Their DuPont location’s open from 11-9PM (they do a variety of rice bowls and sammiches for lunch), and Capitol Hill’s open from 5-9PM.  Chef Scott Drewno whips up specials on the regular so make sure you follow their instagram to stay in the know, and place your order online by clicking here!

5.  Emilie’s

Emilie’s isn’t an Asian restaurant per se, but we’re listing it in today’s roundup anyway because chef Kevin Tien is offering a slew of Vietamese dishes along with his famous fried chicken sandwich from Hot Lola’s for takeout during quarantine 2020.  You can get everything from chicken larb salad to pork banh mis along with ice cream by the pint, pre-mixed cocktails, pantry items and more.

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hot lola's

Hours are as follows: 10:30AM-8PM daily, no contact take out and delivery available through Sevenrooms/Doordash.  You can also order pickup by calling 202-544-4368 or online through toast.  Their menu changes daily so make sure to check back each day at 10:30 to see what’s available.

6.  Maketto

Words can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness that is Maketto, and lucky for you guys, they’re currently offering $5 off of $20 purchases.  Order via caviar, grubhub, postmates or uber eats to enjoy droolworthy dishes like their pork steamed bao, their crystal shrimp dumplings, and their tofu and spicy basil sauce for a solid meal that will leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading our latest featuring some of the best asian restaurants in DC.  Have you tried any of these places yet?  If yes, what did you think?  Let us know by leaving a comment below and browse our DC tab for more nom content that will leave you droolin’.  We update every Monday, Thursday and Saturday so make sure to check back soon.  Until next time – happy eating!


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