7 Must Try Asian Restaurants in DC

Looking for good Asian food in Washington, DC?  Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to drop some serious knowledge on y’all.  So, here are 7 must try Asian restaurants in the district that will leave you completely and utterly satisfied!  Read for recommendations on bomb dishes we love along with hours, order info and more.

1.  Anju

There’s a reason Washingtonian named Anju the number 1 best restaurant in the DC area.  If you’re looking to enjoy delicious Korean comfort food in the capital, you gotta check ’em out.  They’re now open for indoor dining, and both their brunch and dinner menus are straight fire.

anju mandu

Some of our personal favorite dishes are their mandu, yukhoe (Korean beef tartare), and chikin (available in half/whole), but they just added samgyetang to their lineup so we know what we’re getting next.  Think of it as chicken soup on crack – it’ll warm you up from the inside out, and it’s perfect for fall and winter.

anju fried chicken

Don’t sleep on their brunch menu either though.  Their breakfast sandwich and goguma french toast will high key change your life.  The former’s maple samgyeopsal (pork belly), gyeran-mari (think of this as a rolled Korean omelette for all intents and purposes), cheddar cheese and mayo served on O Bakery’s milk bread, and the latter’s a thicc – yes, with two c’s – french toast stuffed with sweet potato and cream cheese.  It comes with marshmallow fluff and unicorns!

They’re currently offering contactless pickup and delivery on top of dine-in so you can pig out in the comfort of your home.  Click here to place your order, and pro tip, they offer a new chef tasting set for takeout each week so you’re welcome in advance.  It’s $75, and it’s more than enough to feed two!

2.  The Game

hot wings the game

Located in Adams Morgan, this hole-in-the-wall gem is serving up delish Asian food for dine-in, pickup and delivery.  They recently launched a new Filipino-influenced menu so know that you’re in for a serious treat.

Unsure what to get?  Kick your meal off with an order of Jo-Jo’s Grilla in Manila slider trio, then get the Homerun burger as your main with a side of Four Point Play fries because life is short, and you deserve delicious things.

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You have the option of getting chicken or pork belly sliders, but that just seems silly because you’re obviously going to get pork belly.  All jokes aside, it was glazed in this crazy delicious BBQ sauce, then topped with atchara (Filipino pickles made from papayas), arugula, and sriracha yum yum.  Honestly, some of the best sliders you’ll ever have the pleasure of devouring.

Their burger comes with purple slaw and crispy onions, slathered with said BBQ sauce, and the fries?  Think of it as Filipino style poutine, topped with American cheese, jalapeños and Jojo’s gravy.  On top of scrumptious Filipino food, they’re also selling a slew of dope cocktails so make sure you take a look.  They’re currently open Monday 6PM-12AM, Wednesday/Thursday from 5PM-10PM, Friday from 5PM-12PM, Saturday from 4PM-12PM and Sunday from 12PM-11PM.

3.  Bantam King

chicken ramen

Craving noodz?  Then you definitely want to get Bantam King to go.  They specialize in chicken-based broths so their ramen’s probably lighter than you’re used to, but their bowls are equally flavorful.  Our personal favorite is their spicy miso, but you can’t go wrong with anything you get there so go wild.

spicy wontons

Other must tries include their fried chicken plate, their rice with chicken drippings, and their gyoza.  Hours of operation are as follows:  Monday-Wednesday 11AM-8PM and Thursday-Sunday 11AM-9PM.  Order for pick up, delivery with caviar or delivery with uber eats by clicking on the respective tabs!

bantam king rice

4.  ChiKo

Thank the food gods for ChiKo.  They do modern Chinese and Korean cuisine, and their noms are damn delicious. Both their locations (Capitol Hill and DuPont) are open, and they offer free delivery via caviar.  Although there’s a lot of overlap with their menus, they offer a handful of different dishes at each place so definitely take a look.

cumin lamb noodles

One thing’s for sure though, make sure to get their cumin lamb stir fry, any (or all) of their dumplings, their crispy chicken springrolls, their chilled marinated littleneck clams, and their orange-ish chicken.  Andddd you’re welcome in advance!

chicken spring rolls kimchi and pork dumplings orangeish chicken

Their DuPont location’s open from 11-9PM (they do a variety of rice bowls and sammiches for lunch), and Capitol Hill’s open from 5-9PM.  Chef Scott Drewno whips up specials on the regular so make sure you follow their instagram to stay in the know, and place your order online by clicking here!

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PS.  ChiKo Cap Hill does a dope breakfast concept called I Egg You on weekends, and it’s yolk porn at its finest – think delicious egg sammies, delightful open faced griddlers, and loaded pots.  Open from 8AM-1PM on Saturdays and Sundays, available via contactless pickup and delivery!

5.  Mandu

If you’re craving authentic Korean food in DC, Mandu is an absolute must, no ifs, ands or buts.  Founded by mother-and-son duo Danny and Yesoon Lee, they’ve been voted “Best Korean” in the Washington City Paper annually since 2010.

With a name like Mandu, you gotta get an order of Korean dumplings to start.  Choose from beef and pork, shrimp or veggie and enjoy them steamed or fried (definitely fried).  Other killer apps include their dotori muk salad and hwe.  The former’s made with acorn jelly, heirloom tomato, mama lee’s pickles and soy vinaigrette, while the latter’s a Korean scallop crudo that’s served in a radish water kimchi brine along with shiso oil and puffed quinoa.

For entrees, we highly recommend their soon doobu stew and gaji bokkum.  The tofu stew’s ideal for colder weather, and it comes with soft tofu, shrimp, scallops, clams and soft egg.  Notice the red color?  Yeah, expect heat but not burn-a-hole-in-your-stomach heat.  It’s the flavorful kind that will have you coming back for more.

The gaji bokkum’s kind of like a less spicy ddukbokki…with entirely different ingredients.  So it’s not like ddukbokki at all…but we mention it because it comes with chewy rice cakes much like the aforementioned street food.  This particular entree is served with roasted eggplant, pork belly and a healthy amount of garlic.  It’s a beautiful dish, and we’re confident that you’ll love it as much as we do.

For those of you interested – and that should be all of you – their patio is open for dinner service Monday through Sunday from 5-9PM.  They’re also offering takeout and delivery daily as well so definitely make sure to indulge.  Just make sure you save room for dessert because their kwabaegi (twisted donut) will straight up change your life.

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6.  Maketto

Words can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness that is Maketto.  Order via caviar, grubhub, postmates or uber eats to enjoy droolworthy dishes like their pork steamed bao, their crystal shrimp dumplings, and their tofu and spicy basil sauce for a solid meal that will leave you completely and utterly satisfied.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any food pics from this gem so you guys will have to  do the leg work for us and send us yours when you go.

7.  Thip Khao

If you haven’t tried Laotian food yet, you’re high key missing out.  Located at 3462 14th Street NW, this Columbia Heights Bib Gourmand is everything you never knew you needed.  And FYI, their food packs some serious heat so consider yourself warned because chef Seng doesn’t mess around.  Their spice offerings start from “me no want spice” to “are you sure?”  Tread carefully, Nomsters, tread carefully.

Unsure what to get?  Must try plates are as follows:  their Muu Som (rice-cured sour pork belly made with ginger, garlic, bell pepper, onion, wood ear mushroom and toasted chili), their Salmon Moak (steamed inside banana leaves with herbal rice paste, coconut, and wood ear mushrooms), and their Tam Muk Houng (green papaya salad with fermented fish, fermented shellfish, chili, tomato, eggplant, lime, garlic and puffed rice.

Their drink program’s run by superstar mixologist Al Thompson so get a cocktail or 3 as well because treat yoself.  His beverage offerings are made for two people and should be enjoyed on the rocks!  Limited patio seatings are available for hour long seatings via tock Tuesday through Sunday from 5-8:45PM, and they offer contactless carryout placed up to one week in advance or by 8PM for same day orders.

Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading our latest featuring some of the best asian restaurants in DC.  Have you tried any of these places yet?  If yes, what did you think?  Let us know by leaving a comment below and browse our DC tab for more nom content that will leave you droolin’.  We update daily so make sure to check back soon.  Until next time – happy eating!


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