5 Reasons Why Ssong’s Hotdog is a Must Try

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I’m completely and utterly obsessed with Ssong’s Hotdog.  They may look like corndogs, but they’re totally different so be excited to experience the glory that is Ssong’s.  I grew up eating this magic so there’s a big nostalgia factor for sure, but trust me when I say, anyone and everyone will enjoy scarfing down a few.

ssong's hotdog

1.  All fried food is amazing.  Where’s the lie?

You could deep fry a rock, and it’d be tasty.  In all seriousness though, they do such a great job with their fried goodness.  They change their oil frequently so it’s always clean!  You’ll see what I mean once you get your freshly fried noms.  They’re perfectly crispy and light in color!

ssong's sausage hotdog

2. They only use premium ingredients.

Ssong’s really prides themselves on quality.  They only use premium beef sausages, and there are no eggs, peanut oil or dairy products in their breading.  There’s just something so special about their batter – it’s light and beautiful, and it’s absolute perfection when rolled in sugar.

I know sugar on a hotdog may sound questionable, but don’t knock it until you try it.  My favorite’s their potato mozz stick with sugar, but their potato mozz sausage is a close second (get it with ketchup and mustard).

ssong's hotdog korean food

3.  Their batter’s made (and aged strategically) daily for max deliciousness.

Yeah, I already mentioned this in my last point, but their batter slaps.  And they get bonus points for dipping their dogs in panko crumbs before frying everything to golden perfection.  Everything’s made to order so expect to wait a bit, and FYI, they get especially busy on weekends so try to go during the week if you can.

ssong's potato mozz hotdog

4.  They offer 15 different options + their rice cake/sausage stick!

As you can imagine, their most popular flavors are their mozz + sausage combos, but they also offer options like cream cheese (new to their menu), spicy sausage, crab stick (imitation crab), seaweed spring roll (seaweed stuffed with glass noodles), and fish cake.  They also have a delicious rice cake sausage skewer on their menu which is a must try as well, along with several unique beverage options like Asian pear juice and aloe kiwi juice.

ssong's hotdog drinks

5.  Their sauce game is STRONG!

Choose from 5 different sauces:  ketchup, honey mustard, sriracha sauce, hot red pepper paste or sweet chili. I’m pretty “traditional” when it comes to my Korean hotdog sauce game, but a lot of my friends love their sweet chili option so make sure you give that a try.  They don’t charge you extra for it so why not, right?  PS.  in addition to sugar, they also offer Old Bay as an option as well if that’s more your thing.

Ssong’s Hotdog is expanding rapidly so make sure you check their site for the location closest to you.  If you’re based in the DMV like I am, I recommend their Westfield Montgomery or Columbia mall stalls.  They also have brick and mortars in Towson and Catonsville if that’s more convenient.  For more on Maryland food, make sure you check out this tab and stay tuned for more content coming your way!


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