Where to Get Incredible Detroit Style Pizza in Baltimore

Pizza lovers unite!  For those of you looking to for solid Detroit Style pies in Maryland, you’re welcome in advance.  Based in Baltimore, MD, Underground Pizza is offering pickup at UPC Mount Washington and Pig & Rooster during select hours throughout the week.  They offer drops all over the DMV area as well though – peep when and where on their website!

underground pizza co

Founded by Evan and his partner, chef Patrick, Underground Pizza’s all about quality.  Their pies are more expensive than what you’d usually pay for ‘za, but you’re getting the best of the best in terms of ingredients.  As he says, “we’re not looking at cost, we only use really good product, and we’re always trying to elevate quality and taste.”

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Prior to this culinary venture, Evan was a concert promoter for the last 20 years, marketing being his area of expertise.  Everything changed when COVID hit though, and he had to pivot.  It all started with his dough recipe – he was making pizza at home when requests flooded his inbox.  Soon enough, he was selling 100+ pizzas a week and now ships his delicious ‘za nationwide.

underground pizza the flag

Their most popular pizza is “The Flag,” and it’s the best of both worlds because you get one stripe of pesto, made fresh from locally sourced basil, and one stripe of their famous red sauce.  We had the opportunity to try this along with two other pies, and everything was delectable.  For those of you wondering, the other pies were The Woodlands and The Carol Baskin aka The Garden.

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vegan pizza baltimore

The former’s topped with hen of the woods & oyster mushrooms, gruyere and thyme, while the latter’s their vegan offering:  a traditional tomato pie with their signature red topped with nutritional yeast, cherry tomatoes, garlic, spinach and herbs.  If we had to pick favorites, we’d go with the Flag, but the Woodlands was a close second!

pesto pizza

The Underground Pizza team is looking to open their own brick and mortar in the future so definitely keep an eye out – give them a follow on instagram to stay in the know, and shoot them a DM with any questions.  They’re currently prepping for their grand opening so expect all sorts of delicious combos coming your way.  We hear they’re working on a crab dip (!!!!!!) AND a clam pizza so be excited, Nom fam.

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Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading all about Underground Pizza Co. on our latest.  For more on Maryland eats, make sure to browse this tab, and stay tuned for yum new content coming your way.  We update our blog daily so there’s always something delish to see!  Until next time,


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