7 Best Ube Drinks in the Bay Area

Ube has made its way into the menus of countless Bay Area restaurants, and it’s for good reason… it makes nearly everything better! It’s often mixed in with dessert recipes since the flavor is very complimentary to things like chocolate and, well, anything with sugar. And drinks are no exception to this upward trend. In the beginning, no one was really getting creative with it, though. You’d go into a boba shop and they would have their one ube boba drink and that was it. But now that more people are in the know about this amazing purple yam and more taste testing and experimentation has happened, we’ve seen a lot more deliciousness unveiled all over the place! Be sure to check out our favorite ube desserts in the bay, and with that, let’s jump into our list of the best ube drinks in the Bay Area!

1. Orbit Coffee – Ube Nebulae

Orbit Coffee makes some tasty (and STRONG) Vietnamese coffee, but they also do some other fun coffee drinks. One of our favorites is the Ube Nebulae with coffee, cream, and ube syrup.

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Photo by Kat T. on Yelp

2. Yogii – Ube Ubae

Yogii is a new addition to the Richmond District in SF and they make all kinds of deliciously filling and refreshing yogurt drinks filled with probiotics and other great ingredients for your gut! One of our go-to’s is definitely the Ube Ubae made with ube, OG yogurt, and purple rice. The rice is pretty much a must in any drink you get there even if you decide on something other than ube.

3. Teaspoon – Dirty Ube

If you’re in the mood for something creamy and unsweetened, this will become your order for life. It’s crafted with coconut infused ube, organic coffee, and organic milk, and is the perfect way to get rejuvenated and experience ube in a non-sweet way. That’s a pretty rare experience, by the way.

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By Teaspoon

4. Brew Cha – Cold Ube Taro Latte

Creamy and icy with chunks of fresh taro and ube, this one is truly one of the best ube drinks in the Bay Area. The one pictured below has, admittedly, much more ube in it than what most people report to actually get, but that shouldn’t deter you. The combination of flavors is amazing, and I prefer to get 50% sweetness.

Photo by Gretchen S. on Yelp

5. Cup of Blooms – Not Just Ube Latte

2023 Update: Unfortunately, they have permanently closed.

The Not Just Ube Latte is worth mentioning for a couple reasons — 1) it’s freakin’ awesome, and 2) it’s an ube latte WITH coffee! Just in case you weren’t in the know, most ube lattes you’ll find around the bay actually don’t contain any coffee, just milk and ube, so this one (kind of the Orbital Coffee’s Ube Nebulae above) is great for all you caffeine lovers.

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By Cup of Blooms

6. Lilikoi – Ube Horchata Smoothie

The last two in our list are both ube horchatas, but prepared very differently, so depending on what mood you’re in, you can choose to try either. Lilikoi makes theirs with their house made ube taro and chunks of purple yam mixed into an horchata smoothie. I can never get enough quality horchatas, and this one puts a refreshing spin on a familiar flavor.

Photo by Joyce Z. on Yelp

7. Señor Sisig – Ube Horchata

Finally, Señor Sisig makes a fantastic bottled ube horchata so you can take it on the go! It’s more like a “traditional” texture so be sure to shake it up every once in a while when sipping. And don’t be fooled by the rather tame appearance compared to all the dual and multi-colored beverages above — it’s still one of the best ube drinks in the Bay Area!

Photo by Justin P. on Yelp

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