Best Ube Desserts in the Bay Area

There’s just something special about ube. They have that signature vivid purple color, go perfectly with chocolate and other desserts, and are just straight up delicious! If you’ve never had ube, it’s basically a purple yam from the Philippines, and incorporating it into various desserts, drinks, and (usually) sweet dishes has become super popular as of late. Many restaurants and cafes in the Bay Area have at least one ube dish on their menu, and some even specialize in ube-infused creations. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ube desserts in the Bay Area that you need to try, so kick back, relax, and prepare to get hungry.

1. KS Delights

KSDelights is one of those spots that ONLY makes ube treats! They operate out of a ghost kitchen in San Jose and have a bunch of things on the menu, but my favorite items of all time are definitely their Ube Oreo Cheesecake and their seasonal Ube Sticky Rice Mango! The cheesecake is made with chocolate graham crust, hand whipped cream and ube ganache drip, while their sticky rice is basically a mango coconut sticky rice with an ube twist. And don’t forget to pour their ube halaya on top!

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2. Cafe 86

Cafe 86 doesn’t solely do ube creations, but many of their items use it. Two of my favorites are their Ube Leche Flan Cupcakes and their Upside Down Halo Halo! The cupcake is made with a moist ube cupcake topped with rich and creamy leche flan. If you’re looking for something refreshing and delicious, their Upside Down Halo Halo is crafted with their signature ube base Halo Halo, and includes coconut jellies, jack fruit, boba, Frosted Flakes, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a slice of flan.

3. Alnico SF

Alnico is a fun Asian Fusion restaurant in San Francisco that only does weekend brunch. It’s definitely worth a try for multiple reasons, and one dish you need to order is their Ube Hotcakes, which are surrounded by their ube coconut sauce and topped with mixed berries and powdered sugar.

alnico sf - ube hotcakes

4. Chuck’s Donuts

Chuck’s has all kinds of amazing donuts, but none better than these right here — their Ube Donuts with ube frosting and coconut bits are top notch and are more like cake donuts in consistency, so they’re more dense and rich. As a bonus recommendation, be sure to also get a half dozen Nutella donut holes!

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5. Crumbwich

Crumbwich actually doesn’t have its own location, but instead offers their delicious creations at cafes and boba shops around the Bay Area. Which one is our favorite? The Ube Crumbwich, of course! You can find them at Factory Tea Bar in Fremont, Mochiholic in Pleasanton, and Bambu in San Mateo.

Photo by Factory Tea Bar Fremont

6. Apple Fritter

Another awesome take on Ube Donuts comes from Apple Fritter in San Mateo. If you order delivery, they come in a set of two – one glazed and one crumb coated. These are also on the denser side and, in my personal opinion, are the best ube donuts in the bay!

Photo by Jaimee B. on Yelp

7. Mr. Green Bubble

I first had a mochi waffle at Third Culture Bakery in Berkeley years back, and ever since then I order them almost every time I see them. Mr. Green Bubble offers Ube Mochi Waffles, which are so good, especially when dipped in a little condensed milk.

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Photo by LoAnn V. on Yelp

8. Tong Sui

Tong Sui has a couple ube items, but my favorite by far is the Taro Purple Yam Coco Pudding. It’s made with organic lactose-free milk and fresh coconut water and topped with homemade taro and ube paste. A definite must-try!

Photo by Merry K. on Yelp

9. Binka Bites

Binka Bites’ Ube Macapuno and Ube Langka are out-of-this-world tasty! If you’re unfamiliar, macapuno is a naturally occurring jelly inside coconuts, and langka is jackfruit. They put each on top of decadent cupcakes with ube frosting, and they’re not to be missed!

Photo by Binka Bites

10. The Bread Basket Bakery

The Bread Basket Bakery is an awesome Filipino bakery in Daly City that’s been in business for over 40 years! They have all kinds of ube goodies, but my absolute favorites are their Ube Tarts, Ube Croissants, and Dos Ube Pan de Sal.

Photo by Anthony G. on Yelp

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