7 Leaves Cafe Releases Green Thai Tea

7 Leaves Cafe is one of those tea/boba shops that breaks the mold of having a menu that takes up an entire wall. Ain’t no way everything can be quality when you have 200 drinks to choose from. Instead, they focus on sourcing unique ingredients and finding fun, tasty combinations of flavors that are always worth a try.

Even though their menu is full of delicious drinks, they haven’t added anything to it in nearly two years! That is, until now. Their newest drink, the Green Thai Tea is available as of 3/17/22! It’s made with a special green tea that’s grown and harvested in the mountains of northern Thailand, so you know you’re getting some quality stuff. 7 Leaves Cafe then mixes in some jasmine tea to add some floral notes, and a dash of mint to round everything out. Oh, and can’t forget the milk!

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Looking to get away this spring? 7 Leaves Cafe is running a giveaway through April 15th in honor of this drink release where one lucky winner will win a trip to Thailand! Check their post here to enter.


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