The Must Try Brunch in Baltimore: BLK Swan

I’ve been hearing amazing things about BLK Swan so when my dear friend @bmorefood asked me to be his +1 to brunch, my answer was “HELL YES!”  The space itself is so instagram-worthy – they clearly put a lot of thought into the decor!  It’s trendy, it’s edgy, it’s a place where people come to be seen.

blk swan cinnamon rolls

As much as I love gorg interiors, that’s just not enough for someone like me, aka a professional fatty who LOVES food.  With that said, brunch was solid!  Louie and I got a slew of dishes to share, and I genuinely enjoyed everything we got.  In fact, I can’t wait to go back and try more of their offerings because lemme tell you, velvet buttermilk pancakes sounds delicious AF.

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blk swan croissant

Here’s what we got this time ’round:  funfetti chicken and waffles, challah french toast, a flash fried lobster croissant, warm cinnamon rolls, and fire roasted lamb chops.  For me, standouts were the waffles, lamb chops and french toast. So, so good.

blk swan brunch

I’m a sucker for funfetti anything, but this was a win for me because their chicken was ridiculously tasty.  Easily some of the most memorable chicken I’ve had in Baltimore – I don’t know what they use for breading, but it was unbelievably crispy, like I let out an audible “mmMMMm” after taking a bite.

blk swan lamb chops

The lamb chops were great, too.  They were nice and tender, and I loved the chermoula herb green sauce that came with!  I suggest getting an order of this for the table to share – it doesn’t come with any sides so you’ll probably need to supplement with other entrees or sides.

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blk swan french toast

And lastly, their Challah french toast.  I mean, what’s not to love?  Challah’s absolutely delicious, and the vanilla maple syrup anglaise they give you is nothing short of heavenly.  For those of you looking to treat yourself to something sweet, this is a must try!

Have you guys been to BLK Swan yet? If yes, let me know what you thought of their food by leaving a comment below.  Looking for more delish eats in Charm City?  Head to my Maryland tab for guides, restaurant features and more.  Until next time, friends!  Robby and I update ze blog daily so make sure to check back soon.

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