Eating Through Las Vegas: Part 3

Anddd it’s time for part 3 of our “Eating Through Las Vegas” series.  We’re excited to jumpstart today’s post with Dirt Dog LV.  They have two different locations in Nevada:  one on the Strip (The Grand Bazaar @ Ballys) and one on S Rainbow Boulevard.  We hit up the latter for a splurge-tastic lunch and had some seriously creative noms.

dirt dog nevada

We really enjoyed eating at Dirt Dog – the space was spotless, and it had a really cool casual vibe.  The menu was located on the wall near the entrance, and each listing had an accompanying picture (as you can see above).  Everything looked AND sounded ah-MA-zing, but we ultimately went with:

  • The Mutt Dog ($6.25): half red dog, half green dog.  Red’s made with spicy tomato chile sauce + chipotle aioli, and Green’s made with chimichurri sauce + guacamole spread.
  • The Elote Dog ($7.25):  made with corn, lime mayo, chili powder, cotija, cilantro and bacon bits.
  • The Dirty Chili Dog ($7.25): made with house chili (all beef) and melted bacon cheddar.
  • The Ranchero Dog ($7.25): made with a fried egg, tortilla strips, refried bean spread, and red salsa.

Nomsters, this is street food at its finest.  They wrap each and every one of their dogs in bacon (!!!) and top them with copious amounts of magical goodness.   Also, you can choose from 3 different buns:  traditional (white bread), portuguese (semi-sweet), and lobster (lightly salted/buttered and an extra 50 cents).  We went with traditional, but we’d be down the other ones next time!  Anywho, each combo was to die for good, but our favorite was the Elote dog. Talk about flavor explosion – whoever thought up this combo is a freaking genius.  Oh Dirt Dog, please expand nationwide.  We still have 6 more dogs to try!

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dirt dog restaurant

Ermahgerd, the eloter dehrg…

best hot dogs

…that was a play off the fancer feast meme – big ups to those of you who caught the reference, ha!

incredible street food in vegas

But for real though, just look at how good these look!  These are some seriously dirtttty dogs.

amazing street food in Vegas

below:  double fisting the dirty chili dog (left) and the ranchero dog (right)

where to get amazing hot dogs in vegas

We didn’t think we got enough hot dogs (ha…hahaha) so we ordered a side of Carne Asada Fries as well.  The Filthy Fries and Dirty Chili Fries also sounded AMAZING, but if you’re craving something simpler, go with their seasalt & pepper fries.

Delicious fries in Vegas

Andddd we couldn’t leave without trying their corn. We got one flaming corn and one cheesy corn.  Both were nomtastic, but if you’d prefer not to get your hands dirty – haha, pun intended – get the Dirty Esquite.  It’s corn in a cup with cotija cheese, cilantro, and chili powder aka heaven in a glass.

Dirt dog las vegas

What meal would be complete without dessert?  You guys can always count on us to indulge.  To finish our lunch off, we got deep-fried oreos (2 for $3.25) and horchata ice cream ($6.25) with a housemade churro.  Both were ridiculously yummy, but if you have to choose one, go with the ice cream.  It’s vanilla bean ice cream with house made horchata syrup, rice krispies and almonds.  The churro costs an extra $2, but it’s SO worth it.  It’s fried in house so it’ll come out piping hot.  Need we say more?

delicious churro dessert in Vegas

above:  a horchata sundae that’s def big enough to share || below:  oreo stackage

dirt dog desserts

For those of you interested in trying Dirt Dog (aka this goes out to all of y’all), you can get your fix in Vegas or LA!  Definitely let us know what you think after trying their noms out.  Anywho, we were pretty full after lunch so we drove to the North Premium Outlets to walk our food coma off.  We felt the itch to snack again pretty soon though (#sorrynotsorry) so we headed to Donut Mania.

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We dough not care about calories on vacay.

Holy crap, guys.  If you’re in Bae-gus, and you don’t stop by Donut Mania, we can’t be friends.  Ha, in all seriousness though, they have some of the BEST donuts we’ve ever tasted.  This family run business has over 30+ years of experience, and trust us when we say it shows.  They make all their donuts by hand, fresh each morning so you know you’re gonna get something delicious when you walk into their shop.  They sell over 50 kinds and rotate flavors daily so check in often.

where to get donuts in vegas

Maggie, one of the owners at Donut Mania, generously let us take some behind-the-scenes shots of her in action!  We got a custom order from them –  “25k” for our instagram account – in addition to a dozen donuts, apple fritters, and cinnamon rolls.  We thought the 25k lettering was going to be small, but it was GINORMOUS – click the aforementioned link to see the finished product.  FYI, they do all sorts of custom orders so don’t be afraid to reach out.  If you’re throwing an event and want to up the ante, hit them up for some giant party donuts, donut minis, or [insert whatever tickles your fancy].

Las Vegas donuts

above:  the “5” from our custom order || below:  their giant party donut was HUGE

custom donut orders las vegas

They have a ton of classic favorites available, but we were more interested in their gourmet creations.

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donut mania las vegas

Andddd here they are!  Aren’t these babies gorgeous? And they were all SO freaking delicious.  It’s hard to pick favorites, but if we absolutely had to…go with the DoNutella, the Samoa, and the Maple Bacon.

Honestly, the DoNutella was one of the best things we’ve ever eaten.  In our lives.  Period.  It’s this amazingly fluffy donut,  stuffed – and we mean STUFFED – with nutella.  The powdered sugar doesn’t hurt either.  You’d think this would be too much, but nope.  It’s everything.  The doNutella is life.

where to get nutella donuts

The Samoa is based on – you guessed it – the girl scout cookie.  Now, we LOVE girl scout cookies so we pretty much flipped the eff out when Maggie told us about this amazeball creation.  The bottom’s dipped in chocolate, and topped with shredded coconut.  By far, the most unique donut we’ve ever had.

best donuts ever

As far as the maple bacon goes, this was our first time trying the combination so we were excited.  It was definitely an interesting flavor profile so we recommend buying one and trying it for yourself if you haven’t already.

nutella donuts

Maggie means bidness when it comes to nutella…

amazing donuts in Las Vegas

..and here she is finishing off other gorgeous donut babies.

best donuts in vegas

above:  preppin’ that donut || below:  rocky road goodness

incredible donuts in Vegas

Putting the finishing touches on I Dream Of Reese’s!

gourmet donuts in Vegas

In addition to donuts, they sell apple fritters and cinnamon swirls!  Which do you prefer?

Vegas donut shop

And that’s a wrap for today!  We hope you enjoyed our last installment of our “Eating Through Las Vegas” series.  We’re planning on doing a lot more traveling this year so stay tuned – we may be hitting up YOUR city in the near future.  Tell us, Nomsters – where should we go next?



  1. April 19, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    Those donuts look amazing! I enjoyed a trip to Las Vegas in 2007 and the food was astounding, wouldn’t mind a trip back there! Sim x

  2. Abbey
    November 14, 2019 / 9:29 am

    Just looked up Donut Mania to try next week and first thing that popped up was an article saying they closed all 4 Vegas locations this year 🙁

    • nomtasticfoods
      November 15, 2019 / 6:21 pm

      Oh no!!!!! Well, I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow so I’ll let you know if I find a different donut shop that’s bomb.

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