Anju x Serpico’s DC Collaboration Dinner

If you missed this collaboration dinner last week, I’m bummed for you because it was really something.  Danny Lee and Scott Drewno invited Peter Serpico to join them at Anju for an awesome collaboration dinner, and I had a blast trying his food.

Although I haven’t had an opportunity to check out his restaurant in Philly, I’ve heard so much about him, and lemme tell you, the hype is real, blog fam.  This James Beard award winner is not only #dadgoals, he’s making serious moves in his 60-seat restaurant located on South Street.  Known for his imaginative noms, his unique take on global cuisine will keep your tastebuds engaged from start to finish.

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peter serpico

He was slangin’ four dishes at Anju:  sliced diver scallops, KorAm lasagna, crispy half chicken and honey butter hash browns.  The scallops were served with spicy whipped buttermilk, poppy seeds and chives, and they were next level.

scallop crudo

I’ve heard a lot about this dish – because everyone and their mom raves about Serpico scallops – so I was thrilled to see it on the collab dinner menu.  If you have a chance to try this in the future, definitely make sure to get an order for yourself, not to share, for yourself…and expect an explosion of flavor in yo mouf.

korean style lasagne

His KorAm lasagna was really interesting, but I mean that in a good way.  When you think of kimchi, lasagna’s probably the last thing on your mind, but he made this combination work so big ups because he turned this skeptic into a full-on believer. This dish contained spicy pork, bechamel, tomato, pecorino and of course, kimchi.

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crispy chicken

Next up, his crispy half chicken.  This was served in a fermented soy bean paste with shiitake mushrooms, white sesame and scallions.  I’m so glad chicken’s making a “comeback.”  I know a lot of fine dining peeps are all about quail and squab, but I just don’t like it as much.  Thoughts on this, friends?  Let me know what your preference is by leaving a comment below.

serpico hashbrowns

And lastly, his honey butter hashbrowns.  Potatoes have never been sexier.  Crisp as can be on the outside, doused in a sweet, savory sauce so good, I low key wanted to steal it and run away.

So what did I learn from this meal?  I need to go to Serpico stat, and I can’t wait to see what Anju does in the future.  They were recently named #1 on Washingtonian’s top 100 best restaurants list, and they’ve been killing the game.  They’ve recently rolled out jeongol service – think Korean style hot pot/stew – so make a reso ASAP.  Rumor has it that DIY bingsoo is part of the deal so go and get some, Nomsters.

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