Where to get the Best Tacos in Northern Virginia

Looking to get your taco fix in Northern Virginia?  Here are 6 spots in NoVa you need to experience STAT!  There are so many amazing mom and pop shops in the area – I’ll be sure to update this guide as I find other places on my journey to find the best eats in the DMV.

1. Taco Bamba

taco bamba

Words can’t even begin to express how much I love chef Victor Albisu’s food!  Taco Bamba will and always be one of my favorite places to go.  They currently have 5 locations in VA but are rapidly expanding so keep an eye out for more brick and mortars coming your way.

Although their “tacos tradicionales” are amazing, they’re known for their more creative options – think burger tacos, tacos with kalbi pork and kimchi, and oh so much more.  And each spot has special menu items so make sure you take advantage when you go.

2. Tacos Los Primos 

I’m a sucker for food trucks, and Tacos Los Primos does such an amazing job.  I like to get their lengua, but it’s often sold out so get there sooner rather than later! Other favorites include their chorizo, pastor and mixtos – absolutely delicious, a testament to the saying “simple is best.”  Grilled meat that’s tender and flavorful served with a little onion and cilantro on soft AF tortillas.  Your food will come with limes, diced cukes, sliced radishes and both green and red salsas.  Exquisite!

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3.  Chop Shop Tacos

chop shop tacos

Located in Alexandria, Chop Shop is easily one of my go-to spots in the area.  Not only is their food good, their back patio’s such a great place to hang during the summer.  This place has a ton of personality, and the food’s super solid so there’s a lot to love.  They’re really generous when it comes to fillings so expect to leave full!  I recommend getting their fried fish and shrimp tacos, and make sure to snap a quick pic in front of their ginormous mural before you leave.

4.  Pa’ Tacos El Papi

Yet another food truck I adore!  Make sure you visit them in Arlington for fire street tacos you’ll undoubtedly love.  Everything’s made to order, and the handmade corn tortillas are really on point.  When they ask you if you want garnishes, the answer is yes, you want everything.  The parking’s a bit of a pain, but it’s totally worth the hassle so make sure you stop by ASAP.  I recommend the carne asada and mixtos.

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5. La Tingeria

Are you sick of food trucks yet?  I hope not because I have another one for ya, and it’s a winner.  Located in Falls Church VA, La Tingeria’s famous for their birria tacos.  Choose between beef or goat, and go HAM with consommé because theirs is so unbelievably tasty.  They also offer a halal option (hal pastor) for those of you interested!  You honestly can’t go wrong with anything you get – everything from their tostadas to their tres leches is tasty so go wild, friends.

6.  Tacos El Chilango

And last but not least, Tacos El Chilango.  Find this dope AF food truck in Arlington to enjoy some of the best tacos in the DMV.  I recommend getting the asada and pastor, and be heavy handed with the salsa verde because it’s SO good!  And if you like heat, ask for some habanero sauce.  You really gotta be able to handle spice though because it’s HOT.

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Alright friends, that’s a wrap for today’s post!  I hope you enjoyed reading about the best taco spots in Northern Virginia.  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these places, and make sure to comment with your favorite place in NoVa.  For more on VA eats, make sure to browse this tab and stay tuned for more content coming your way.  Until next time – eat all the tings!


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