Where to Eat in Cleveland Park: 7 Must Try Restaurants

Ever since I started posting guide reels, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for neighborhood recommendations.  So for today’s post, we’re tackling the best restaurants (aka my favorite restaurants) in Cleveland Park DC.  We’ll be discussing everything from dope subs to delish Uyghur cuisine so be excited, Nomsters.

1. Vace Italian Delicatessan

I honestly can’t say enough good things about this spot, and a lot of people don’t know about it which is sad.  If you’re craving a scrumptious sub or a killer pie, you definitely need to go ASAP.  And to further sweeten the pot, their prices are crazy affordable!

vace cleveland park

They’re a deli so there’s always fresh meat + veggies available for purchase, and they have a ton of frozen/prepared foods as well.  My go-to’s their prosciutto sammie (get it on focaccia if you can) and their pepp pie.  I always get a whole one and freeze leftovers because it reheats so nicely!

2.  Medium Rare

Some would go as far as to say that they had the best steak frites in the city, and you know what’s extra dope?  They offer an amazing prix fixe featuring it for only $25.95 – the set includes bread, a mixed green salad and of course, their culotte steak & hand-cut fries served with “secret sauce.”  In addition to said special, they also offer bottomless brunch on weekends for $27.99 so definitely make sure to make a reservation if you’re looking to get lit.

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3.  Cracked Eggery

cracked eggery

For those of you looking to enjoy a delish egg sammie for lunch or dinner, you’re welcome in advance.  CE first started off as a food truck, but due to their immense popularity, they’ve opened a brick and mortar – their second location in Shaw’s probably going to open within the next few weeks?  More on that later though.

cracked eggery bowl

All of their brekkie handhelds are tasty, but they make a mean burger as well!  I also really like their bowls – their Seoul mate’s my favorite (made with sous vide pork belly, fried egg, kimchi sriracha mayo, sushi rice and more) – and I’m a big fan of their tots, too.  They offer a lot of cool flavors like honey butter and cinnamon sugar, but my go-to’s their garlic parm-truffle.

4.  Indique

Easily one of the best Indian restaurants in the area – I’m a huge fan of Indique because their food is consistently delicious whether you join them in house or get your nom on in the comfort of your home.  For me, their samosa chaat is an absolute must along with their lamb vindaloo and garlic naan.  I handle spice like a champ so I always ask for hot sauce on the side, but the curry itself has a good kick to it so consider yourself warned.

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5.  Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

dolan dc

Full disclosure, I had to google how to say Uyghur (apparently it’s pronounced wee-ghur) because I was unfamiliar.  Until Dolan, I’d never tried this central Asian cuisine – expect to enjoy everything from hot chicken stew to handmade noodles and dumplings.  Service is always fantastic, and the staff really makes you feel welcome.  Unsure what to get?  I recommend their korma chop because you can’t ever go wrong with handpulled noodz.

6.  Sababa

I think Sababa’s really great!  They offer delicious Mediterranean food along with a full wine bar with options from all around the world.  Kick your meal off with an order of their hummus and halloumi, and if you’re in the mood for kebabs, definitely make sure to get their lamb & beef kofta.

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For mains, I highly recommend their lamb shank – it’s cooked to tender perfection and falls right off the bone.  It’s served with this exquisite couscous that’s fluffy as can be!  I haven’t had a chance to try their desserts yet so you’ll have to keep me posted.  Let me know which sweets are worth the splurge by leaving a comment below post nom sesh!

7. Siam House

drunken noodles dc

For great Thai food in Cleveland Park, head to Siam House!  This charming family-owned establishment’s an absolute gem, and service is always on point.  Must try dishes include their papaya salad, curry puffs, drunken noodles, moo-ping and mango sticky rice.  Portions are generous and the food’s consistently solid!

siam house dc

Anddd that’s a wrap for today’s guide on must try eats in Cleveland Park.  Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for more content coming your way.  For more on DC eats, browse this tab!  Other popular posts include “10 of the Best Date Night Spots in DC,” and “11 Budget Friendly Restaurants to try in Washington, DC.”


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