Bistro Cacao: The Must Try Brunch Prix Fixe in DC

Be excited because I’m about to tell you about one of the BEST brunch deals in DC! Head to Bistro Cacao, a gem of a spot in Cap Hill, to enjoy some truly delectable French food for mad affordable prices.  Their new brunch prix fixe is only $35 per person, and they give you SO much food.  Plus, mimosas are only $4.99 a pop with the purchase of said set.

bistro cacao french onion soup

So, here’s what you should get.  You have a TON to choose from, but for apps, I highly recommend getting their French onion soup.  They do a really fantastic one here, and it’s the perfect way to kick off any meal regardless of the season.  I don’t know about you guys, but it could be hot AF outside, and I’d still enjoy a vat of bubbling cheesy goodness.

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bistro cacao eggs benedict

Then for entrees, there’s SO much to choose from, but I personally recommend any of the following:  their egg benedict (really solid), avo toast with poached eggs (simple but delicious), their burger (again, solid option) or their steak and eggs (nothing fancy but seasoned really well and served with some dope AF fries).  I have yet to try their savory crepes, but that’s on my list as well!

avocado toast bistro cacao

Then for your third and final course, you got sweets.  My friends and I like to joke that they’re legit giving you a second main course, but really though, they’re giving you a second main course.  I’m a big fan of their challah French toast – because it’s challah French toast – but their nutella crepes are a close second for sure.

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challah french toast bistro cacao

The trio creme brûlée is solid as well!  They give you vanilla, chocolate and a seasonal flavor.  If I remember correctly, the 3rd’s coconut, but double check with your server when you go.

Although their interior’s stunning, you definitely want to grab a table on their patio now that the weather’s gorgeous.  So, who’s excited to check out their new brunch prix fixe?  To be honest, I feel like this spot’s a hidden gem even though it’s been around for like 10+ years.

So, definitely make sure to go and report back, Nomsters.  I promise you’ll have an amazing time so click here to secure your res STAT.  Anddd that’s a wrap for today, but make sure y’all check out my DC tab for more delish recs in the district.  Robby and I update the Nomtastic Foods blog daily so check back soon for more droolworthy content!  Until next time.

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