A Closer Look at Allegory DC’s Clarified Kefir Punch

Hey Nomsters!  It’s been a minute since we last shared anything cocktail related so we asked our dear friend, Deke Dunne, to talk about one of his favorite cocktails from Allegory for our latest post.

Allegory DC's Clarified Kefir Punch

This gorgeous clarified kefir punch is called “They Can’t Kill Us All,” and the name references a title of a memoir by Wesley Lowery, which covers the fatigue of the American public regarding the reporting of deaths of young black people at the hands of law enforcement.

Lowery looks at the pain and courage of those who’ve challenged the police in the US and offers unparalleled insight into the reality of police violence in America along with a moving portrait of those working to end it.

The punch was designed with Kapri Robinson in mind, a longtime friend of Allegory and an incredible bartender and activist in the DC community.  She’s the founder of Chocolate City’s Best – a platform that creates opportunities for POC in the food and beverage industry – and was involved in DC’s Black Lives Matter movement from the outset.  The Allegory team’s passionate about activism so they felt that it was only appropriate to celebrate Kapri with this cocktail.

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Curious how they make this baby?  Ingredients are as follows:  Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, Evan Williams bottled in Bond Bourbon, Tempus Fuguit Banana, Alexandra Amontillado, yuzu juice, kefir, whole milk, gomme syrup and ube.

deke dunne allegory bar

We (as in Robby and Kim) don’t recommend making this at home because it’s hard AF, but we asked Deke to discuss the process just for funsies.  So, you combine the rum, bourbon, banana liqueur sherry, and yuzu in a cambro and stir to incorporate.  Gently heat the whole milk on the stove.  Once it starts to steam lightly, add the kefir and remove it from the heat.  Immediate combine the milk/kefir mixture with the alcohol and citrus and stir to integrate.

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Let it sit uncovered for 25 minutes before straining the resulting punch through a fine chinois, allowing the curd to accumulate in the bottom before fine straining it through another strainer.  Note:  if you don’t have a strainer, you can use a coffee filter instead.

The strainer will catch all the curds that have built up.  Let all the liquid strain through, and once that’s done, run the liquid back through the strainer that has built-up curds.  This curds will act as a second filtration system, which will result in a beautifully clear cocktail.

they can't kill us all drink

Once the cocktail is fully clarified, add the gomme syrup and ube! Weigh out the gomme syrup before adding the ube, and once that’s fully incorporated, add the mixture to your clarified cocktail. This will add sweetness, body, and a gorgeous purple hue.  Serve in a rocks glass over ice and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed our latest post featuring Allegory DC.  A huge thanks to Deke for guest posting today – make sure you follow him and his bar on instagram to see more and pay them a visit if you find yourself in the district.  For more on yummy drinks, check out our cocktail tab and stay tuned for fresh, new content coming your way.  Until next time, friends.  Stay safe, stay healthy and stay inside.


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