Joyride Pizza: Deliciously Rectangular Pizza in SF

Sure, some pizza is better than others, but in general, you’re usually getting mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce and a range of toppings on some pizza dough. Well, Joyride Pizza in San Francisco takes things to a new level. They made their pizzas rectangular (not the first to do this, but still sets them apart), absolutely loaded with toppings, and some of them you might not even recognize as pizza at first glance, like the Pestoriffic, but they’re all delicious! They also implemented a couple self-service kiosks at the restaurant, so they’re doing their part to keep everyone safe, which is great to see.

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We’ve got some of our recommendations below, and in our opinion, you should check out the Yerba Buena Gardens location simply because it’s a nice place to sit and enjoy the little oasis in the middle of downtown.

Sweet Heat Pineapple

There’s just something about the combination of sweet and spicy that’s nearly irresistible, and Joyride Pizza’s Sweet Heat Pineapple is the perfect example. It’s made with fresh pineapple, serrano peppers, red onion, cilantro, mozzarella, and brick cheese, and topped with Mike’s Hot Honey for a full range of flavors and sensations.


The Pestorific was SO good! It’s made with Zoe’s Smoked Chicken, Sonoma County Applewood Smoked Bacon, house-made pesto, and house-made ranch. Somehow they managed to get the mix of textures spot on with the creamy ranch, soft dough, and crispy crust. We actually don’t see this on the online menu anymore, possibly because it includes chicken, which skyrocketed in price towards the end of 2021, but we hope once things get back to normal that they add it back because this pizza is out of this world!

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Spaghetti with Marinara + Meatball

I’m not usually a fan of spaghetti noodles because they’re a little thick for my liking (I’m much more of an angel hair person), but their Marinara sauce was really tasty, and I highly recommend adding the delicious giant meatball because the bowl would seem pretty empty without it.

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