KSDelights Releases Ube Sticky Rice Mango

Mango coconut sticky rice is one of my favorite desserts of all time. There’s just something special about the various textures and perfectly complimentary flavors all meshing together seamlessly. It’s often made with sweet, sticky rice with a sweet coconut sauce and fresh mango.

KSDelights is an awesome couple-run business making all kinds of delicious ube-inspired treats like ube cheesecake and several kinds of ube cookies. Every once in a while they introduce something new to their menu, and their recent take on traditional mango coconut sticky rice was, by far, my favorite treat they’ve created to date.

The dessert is familiar, yet new at the same time, and aside from the purple rice, you can also pour their ube halaya (jam) over the top of everything for an extra kick of ube.

No matter where you are in the Bay Area, it’s worth a trip down to San Jose to try this out! It’s seasonal and available by pre-order only, so DM them on their instagram to place an order!

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