4 Crazy Delicious Desserts from Kyoto Matcha

For those of you looking to indulge your sweet tooth, bookmark this page and make sure you head to Kyoto Matcha stat!

They have several locations in the DMV area, but our go-to is their brick and mortar in Rockville, Maryland.

We’re highlighting our favorite KM desserts for today’s latest, but their entire menu is fuego so you can’t go wrong.  Without further ado, let’s kick things off with some ice cream…

1.  Kyoto Matcha Soft Serve

matcha soft serve

Get yours in a cone or cup and choose from 3 different flavors:  milk, matcha and mix.  Then, add toppings of your choice!  They’re all $.50 a pop…with the exception of gold sheet leaf.  That’s an additional $2 but worth it if you want a cute picture for social, lol.

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Topping options include matcha powder, rice mochi, red bean, boba, oreo crumbs, cornflakes, sprinkles and brown sugar.

2.  Matcha Tiramisu

matcha tiramisu

Priced at $7.50, their tiramisu comes with a matcha shot! This is a must for us every time we go.

It’s just the right amount of sweet, and the matcha flavor really shines through.  Think light, fluffy and beautiful.  The tea complements the dessert really well, too!

3.  Milk Cap Cake

How nom does this look?  This is a photo of their purple sweet potato milk cap cake, but we’re also big fans of their brown sugar boba milk flavor.

In addition to the aforementioned options, they also have matcha milk, chocolate milk, rose strawberry milk, and pork floss salty milk.

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sweet potato cap cake

…and no, we have no idea what pork floss is, lol.  We’re intrigued though – maybe we’ll get that the next time we visit?

Anywho, they’re priced at $12 a pop, but trust us when we say they’re so worth the splurge.  Buttery yet light and airy with cream that’s luscious as can be.  An absolute must for those of you looking to indulge.

4.  Matcha Crepe Layer Cake

matcha crepe cake

Last but certainly not least, their crepe layer cake.  This is by far our favorite item here, and call us crazy, but we like it so much more than Lady M.

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We have yet to try their other flavors because we love their matcha flavor SO much, but we promise to review their milk tea crepe next.  Maybe.

Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading all about Kyoto Matcha.  Have any of you been?  If yes, let us know what you thought by commenting below.

For more on delish MD eats, make sure to check out this tab and stay tuned for fresh new content coming your way Thursday.


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