Top 5 Must Try Halloween Dessert Recipes

Can you believe it’s already October?  Time flies so fast.  Halloween’s coming up, and we think you should celebrate this spooky holiday with some fun treats.  We have 5 fantastic dessert recipes from some of our favorite bloggers, and we can’t wait to share ’em with you.  Keep reading for festive but delicious eats that will seriously impress.

1.  Tastes Better from Scratch:  Witch Hat Cupcakes

witch hat cupcakes

Lauren Allen posts some of the best recipes we’ve ever seen, and her witch hat cupcakes will leave anyone and everyone completely and utterly satisfied.  Her blog name, “tastes better from scratch,” is a motto she lives by and all her recipes are taste-tested and approved by her beautiful family of five.  Click to re-create her masterful cupcakes, and see how you can make magic with only 5 ingredients.

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2.  Chelsea’s Messy Apron:  Bat Bites

bat bites

Chelsea’s Messy Apron has over 800+ recipes so if you’re looking for recipe inspiration, you know where to go.  Chelsea received her college degree in exercise & wellness so many of her noms are health conscious yet scrumptious.  She’s based in Utah with her lovely family, and she experiments with a wide variety to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  Click to re-create these adorable bat bites!

3.  Kraft Heinz:  Candy Corn Pinwheel Cookies

candy corn cookies

What better way to celebrate Halloween than downing candy corn cookies?  Not only do they look beautiful, they taste great as well and only take 30 minutes to make.  They’re shockingly easy to make, and you can play around with the flavor profile by swapping pudding flavors.  Click to see how you can re-create these gorgeous noms!

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4.  Half Baked Harvest’s Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Cookies

jack o lantern cookies

Half Baked Harvest is an uber-successful blog run by Tieghan Gerard.  She’s an OG blogger that’s been around since 2012, and she’s been featured everywhere from Food Network to the Huffington Post.  She’s been cooking ever since she was a young girl, and her experience shows in her masterful recipes.  Click to recreate these adorable brown sugar cookies stuffed with chocolatey goodness!

5.  Mommy Musings’ Spider Cookies

spider cookies

Run by the amazing Stefanie Fauquet, she covers everything from DIY to travel on her blog Mommy Musings.  Although her content’s bomb in general, we like her recipes the most!  If you’re a fan of all things peanut butter and chocolate, these cookies are everything you dreamed of and then some.  Click to re-create these adorable cookies at home!

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Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoy making these delish Halloween dessert recipes.  Which one looks yummiest to you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for more.  We’re working on a slew of new content so we’ll most likely be updating every day so check back often.  Until tomorrow!


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