Pow Pow: Who Knew Vegan Food Could Be So Good?

We were stupid impressed with Pow Pow.  We’ve never been big into vegan food, but damn, they turned us into believers.  Located on 1253 H Street NE in Washington, DC, they’re a trendy fast-casual “new asian” joint.  They fuse Chinese, Japanese, and Korean flavors together to produce unique combos that’ll leave your tummy happy and full.  Expect colorful salads, beautiful bowls, massive egg rolls, and more.

pow pow vegan asian cuisine

pow pow vegan rice bowls 

pow pow vegan food 
On top of offering crazy delicious vegan options, Pow Pow also sells gluten-free fried chicken (!!!!) Yeah, there’s seriously something for everyone here.  They source natural-ingredients from local farms whenever possible, and you can taste quality in each and every bite.  We hit up their restaurant last week for lunch with our friend, DCFoodPorn, and got a bunch of plates to share.  Here were our favorites:

  • Trolley Fries ($5):  skin on fries topped with kimchi, cheddar, k-town ketchup, spicy mayo and cilantro.  We weren’t sure how we’d feel about kimchi on fries, but we actually really liked the combo!  These were dangerously addictive, and we’re definitely coming back for more.
  • Wu-Banger ($9/$11):  Made with orange chicken, feta, tomato, mandarin oranges and then topped with sriracha cashews and krispy rice.  The chicken was cooked to absolute perfection – a crispy exterior with oh-so-juicy meat – and we loved that they threw mandarin oranges into the mix.
  • Natalie Porkman ($9/$11):  Made with sweet & sour vegan pork seitan, pineapple kimchi, tomato, carrots, bean sprouts, pickled onion and scallions.  Um, we don’t even know where to start with this bowl.  Their vegan pork tasted exactly like pork, like if they hadn’t told us it was seitan, we wouldn’t have known.  Seriously.  Chef Margaux Riccio is like the Dumbledore of plant-based food.  We don’t know how she does it, but we never want her to stop.
  • Purity Bowl ($8/$10):  Made with sesame sweet potato, black beans, burnt broccoli, edamame, tomato, carrots, and cilantro, then topped with sriracha cashew and sesame drizzle.  We’re suckers for sweet potato anything so naturally, this bowl is a do in our book.  You honestly can’t do wrong with any of the bowls here though!
  • Vegan “Mozzarella” Balls (pictured below): Crispy balls of magical goodness topped with gochujang and sesame seeds.  These were so, SO delicious.  They’re not listed on their menu online, but definitely ask if they have ’em when you go because they’re amazeballs – haha, get it?  AND THEY’RE GOOEY LIKE ACTUAL CHEESE!  Mind. Blown.
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pow pow vegan cheese

Nomsters, we present the Wu Banger (left) and the Natalie Porkman (right)…

pow pow wu banger

pow pow bowls
pow pow trolley fries

So much yum in our tum.  Make sure you guys stop by Pow Pow stat!  You can customize your bowl however you like so go wild.  Get a signature salad, rice bowl or half and half if you want the best of both worlds.  You can make any combo vegetarian by subbing mock chicken or add extra veggies or a soft boiled egg for an extra buck!  ALSO, they offer delivery everyday in the ENTIRE city (including some parts of MD and VA) during regular business hours so make sure to take advantage.  Happy eating, Nomsters.

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