Sanraku: Affordable Omakase in SF

2022 Update: As of March, 2022, the Metreon location closed amidst the ongoing pandemic. They still have another location on Sutter St. in San Francisco, and in the Westfield Oakridge shopping mall in San Jose!

If we were going to try to find some awesome sushi in SF, the last place I’d probably look is inside The Metreon. It’s a good thing we didn’t follow our gut in this case because we would have never found Sanraku! Since discovering this place we’ve eaten there on multiple occasions for business lunches and tried a bunch of their cooked dishes such as their tonkatsu and unagi don. While we were always happy with our meals, for some odd reason we never ordered any of their nigiri sushi… until this last time. Let’s just say we’ve been missing out. But we don’t want you to have a similar fate, so here’s what you need to know!

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Order the Omakase (chef’s choice)

Typically, when you go to a sushi restaurant you can either order a la carte, or some places will offer “omakase” which is where the sushi chef will choose a certain number of amazing quality fishes and serve you a piece of each. While this doesn’t come especially cheap, we highly recommend you try this sometime!

In Sanraku’s case, you get 10 pieces for $50, which is actually a pretty good deal as far as omakase goes. Especially considering we were blown away by how fresh everything was. Most of the fish was melt-in-your-mouth good. Unfortunately, we can’t really give recommendations about specific pieces since the chef chooses different ones each day to include in the 10 piece meal depending on what’s freshest and best that day, but if you can get the Oh Toro (fatty blue fin tuna belly) pictured above, definitely do it!

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Also, the Sake Toro (seared salmon belly) pictured below was one of our favorites.

Sanraku also has a location in Lower Nob Hill in SF and one in San Jose, so if either of those is more convenient for you, they’re both nice sit down spots with a cool, modern vibe. Either way, you don’t want to miss this, and for the price it’s definitely worth it!

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