Satay by the Bay: Legit Singaporean Street Food in the Bay Area

It seems like the food trucks just keep getting better and better in the Bay Area, and Satay by the Bay is exhibit A. We came across this Singaporean street food truck earlier this year while surfing Instagram for some food inspiration, and were instantly drawn to their perfectly golden brown satay. Little did we know at the time that they actually had much more to their menu than just that, but soon after, we found where they would be parked and paid them a visit to try everything out. Here are some of our thoughts!


The satay is their bread and butter, and it’s really, really good! we wish we knew how they seasoned the meat, but either way, the spices were perfect and when you dip it in Satay by the Bay’s house-made-from-scratch peanut sauce, it’s literally divine. You can choose between chicken or beef, but can’t mix and match in an order unless you get one of the combo options, and it comes with rice, cucumber, and the peanut sauce.

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UPDATE: They’ve decided to remove beef from the menu for satay, so it’s only chicken now. And their chicken satay is super bomb!

Satay Sandwich

This sandwich might have actually been our favorite item since you get all the deliciousness of the satay above PLUS it’s in sandwich form, and carbs just make everything better. It’s made with chicken satay, peanut sauce, mayo, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, and fried onion on a toasted roll.

Singapore Chili Crab Sandwich

If you’re a fan of crab, you’ll love this sandwich. Satay by the Bay is all about legit experiences so they use all real crab meat when crafting these. they also throw in their homemade sweet chili sauce, mayo, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, and fried onion all on a toasted roll.

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Dutch Fries

Last but not least, you need to order a side of their Dutch Fries! It’s a heavenly combination of french fries topped with peanut sauce, mayonnaise, and cilantro. When we tried them, literally all the fries were nice and crispy even under the peanut sauce and mayo, and that crunch is so satisfying. Don’t miss these!

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