SF Dough: Pizza, Donuts and Hip Hop

What’s up, Nomsters! If you’re all about delicious foods made from dough, SF Dough is a must try in San Francisco! Yes, we just rhymed, and that’s very fitting because SF Dough is hip-hop themed! They serve all kinds of coffee drinks, refreshing salads, amazing pizzas and mouth-watering donuts all under one roof. This isn’t your typical donut shop on the corner, so don’t get it twisted. While we didn’t get the chance to try everything, we wanted to highlight some favorites so you can head on over and get your grub on right away!


Not all donuts are created equal. We’ve been to some donut shops around the bay area where you can tell right off the bat that the quality just isn’t quite there, and they’re probably using old frying oil. SF Dough’s donuts, on the other hand, always taste fresh, have just the right balance of denseness and fluffiness, and the flavors are pretty unique!

If you try nothing else, be sure to get their Fresh Strawberry Filled Specialty Donut! As the name suggests, it takes jelly filled donuts to a whole new level by throwing in some fresh strawberries, and the open presentation is on point.

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The donut below is also hella good! Think of it like a crème brûlée inside a donut. Yeah. Order one when you go!

One thing to note is that their specialty donuts sell out pretty quickly earlier in the day, so if you want to try one of them, make sure to get there early!

Szechuan Pizza

Now let’s get to the savory stuff! In addition to freshly baked donuts, SF Dough also has a bunch of different thin crust pizzas on the menu, and the three that we tasted were all freakin’ delicious.

First up is a pizza that’s actually being added to the menu soon, so we’re giving you a little sneak peek! Philip, the owner and chef behind SF Dough, has a background in Szechuan cuisine (as well as cafes, donut shops, pizza parlors… you name it, he’s done it), and so it only seemed right to introduce the Szechuan Pizza to their already large list of pies. Asian fusion can be really hit or miss, from our experience, but they’ve done a really good job of finding flavors that compliment each other like the chili oil with the cheese and Italian sausage.

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One warning, though – while the flavor is spot on, it’s really spicy! This is coming from someone whose spice tolerance is at about a 5/10, so maybe someone who can handle more than me wouldn’t even be phased, but if you normally can’t handle spiciness, it’s probably best to order one of the other two pizzas down below.

Push It

The Szechuan Pizza kind of breaks from the norm, but all the other pizzas on their menu are named after hip-hop tracks, and for all you youngin’s out there that might not be up on your classics, the Push It pizza is named after the iconic song by Salt-N-Pepa.

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This pie is crafted with Italian sausage, mozzarella, red onion, and parmesan. We really liked this one because it was actually had a creaminess to it so the texture was different from what you’d normally expect. If you’re a fan of creamy, cheesy goodness, don’t sleep on this one!

Just a Friend

Last, but definitely not least, the Just a Friend pizza is SF Dough’s spin on a Hawaiian-style pie with ham, fresh pineapple, and mozzarella. Pineapple tends to be a very controversial topic when it comes to pizza, but we say pile it on! And that’s what makes this pizza stand out to us – they don’t go light on the pineapple and the actual pieces are nice and big. Even if you’re not usually a fan, we recommend you give this one a shot!

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