Sushirrito: The Original Sushi Burrito

sushirrito - unrolled sushirrito kit

Sushi Burritos

First, there was nigiri and maki sushi. Then, there were fancy sushi rolls that took sushi and plating to a new level. Finally, there was Sushirrito, a third iteration on the Japanese cuisine, taking the dish and flavors in a whole new direction. The chain, with multiple locations around the Bay Area and NYC, takes pride in being the trendsetter and originator of the sushi burrito. We visited the location at 226 Kearny Street in SF, which is perfectly located near SOMA and Union Square to cater to the working crowd and everyone shopping and wandering through downtown.

We had the awesome opportunity to meet and chat with the founder of Sushirrito, Peter Yen, about the restaurant, its origins, and the direction they’re headed over some bomb sushi burritos, and one thing is clear: there are a bunch of copycat restaurants that have sprung up across the country, but there’s only one Sushirrito.

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You can find some traditional sushi roll flavors and ingredients, but what really sets Sushirrito apart is the way they bring together both Asian and South American influences in such a seamless and ridiculously delicious way. The first one we tried was the Satori, which was a unique mix of Hiramasa Yellowtail, Cucumber, Pickled Red Onion, Sweet Corn, Ginger Guac, Red Tobiko, and Wasabi Mayo. We’re huge fans of yellowtail, so this one really hit the spot. It was refreshing and filled us up, but didn’t make you feel heavy and food coma’d out afterwards. Definitely recommended!

Don’t fret if raw fish isn’t your thing! Sushirrito’s got you covered, too! Next up, we tried the Caballero, which consisted of Sake-Asada Beef, Napa Cabbage, Red Radish, Julienne Carrots, Jicama, Red Peppers, Blue Corn Chips, Ginger Guac, Cilantro, and Kimichurri Sauce. The beef was perfect, and the ginger guac was an amazing complementary element. This one was more filling, so if you’re walking in starving, this one’s for you.

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Sushi Burrito Kit

With more takeout orders than ever due to the pandemic lifestyle, Sushirrito has already anticipated that some people might have a little hesitation about how well these sushi burritos travel – especially considering the nori would probably get soggy. Well, fret not! They’ve brilliantly introduced the world’s first sushi burrito kit, which includes all the ingredients you need to make their famous Sushirritos at home, which guarantees freshness and quality of ingredients just as if you were ordering in the restaurant.

sushirrito - kit ingredients

You can choose your fish/proteins and everything, including rice, comes in a giant tray with a separate Ziploc full of their proprietary nori, a bag full of vegetable chips, and even your own sushi rolling mat! This kit is literally everything you need to make these delicious treats at home. It’s designed to feed up to three people, and we highly recommend you try it out! Oh, and just a general sushi making tip that definitely applies here – it’s easy to overdo it with the rice, so be sure to spread it really thinly across the nori. When it seems like too little, it’s probably just right!

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Final Thoughts

Just take a second to re-read the ingredients in the Caballero and the Satori. The minds behind Sushirrito have done so much more than just turn simple sushi rolls into burrito-sized rolls. They created something totally unique and new that has become mainstream and brought on many a copycat, but you have to taste and experience the original for yourself to completely understand and appreciate it. Now go find a location in the Bay Area near you or order the one-of-a-kind sushi burrito kit and get ready for a truly one-of-a-kind meal! Till next time, Nomsters!


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  1. Jennifer
    December 20, 2017 / 5:20 pm

    Looks delicious! I have to try this someday. 🙂

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