Home SF: Incredible Brunch Round 2!

One of our favorite cafe and brunch spots is definitely Home SF. They took the traditional cafe and said NOPE! And they’ve added their own flare and style to it to create an experience that’s both visually exciting and yummy for your tummy. We first got the chance to try things out at their original location at 1222 Noriega St a few months ago, and now they’ve opened up a second location in the Richmond district at 2018 Clement. It’s the same awesome owners, more super friendly staff, a cool change of scenery and even a few new menu items!

They really do make you feel right at Home when you step through the door!

The new spot in the Richmond is well lit with natural light from the front and back and there’s tons of seating, so it’s the perfect spot chill and get some work or studying done while indulging in some crazy awesome lattes and toasts. But let’s get to the goods –>

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Right when you walk in you see a bomb assortment of pastries ranging from the usual suspects like different kinds of croissants to the unique such as banana crumble tea cakes and matcha white chocolate scones. But wait, it gets even better.

I bet you’ve never seen latte art like this before! The lattes at Home SF are straight up works of art, and the birthday cake latte is one of the best examples of this. If you’re a fan of coffee drinks a bit on the sweeter side, I guarantee this will become your go-to!

You affo-gotta have this affogato!… Ok, that was beyond cheesy, but this is one way to make ice cream acceptable at any time of day so count us in! For those not in-the-know about affogatos, it’s ice cream in espresso. You’re welcome.

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This was another instant favorite as soon as we took a sip. The rose latte can be served hot or cold, but we chose the chilled route since SF was going through an insane heatwave during our visit (106 degrees in SF?!?!). We didn’t exactly know what to expect with this one, but it sounded intriguing so we went for it. There was definitely a hint of rose in the latte and it was genuinely refreshing and tasty. No doubt one of the more unique coffee drinks we’ve tried in awhile.

The toasts at Home SF are some of the staples and it’s pretty obvious why when you see and taste them.  Here’s one for all of y’all with a sweet tooth. The milk and cereal toast is Lucky Charms on top of toast covered in condensed milk. What a twist on a traditional breakfast! Ever wonder how to keep your cereal crunchy for the whole meal? Here ya go.

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We feel like we keep saying everything was a favorite, but this was honestly bomb diggity. THREE, count ’em, three different types of avocado toast on one plate. Our favorite was the kimchi avocado toast, but we devoured all of them within minutes.

If you’re in SF you have to give this place a try, and once you do, best believe you’ll be back for more.

Welcome Home, nomsters 🙂


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