Where to Eat at Lotte World Mall in South Korea

Looking for nom places in Jamshil, South Korea?  Then you’re gonna want to bookmark this post because I’m going over the best places to eat in the Lotte World Mall.  LWM, Avenuel and the world tower are all connected, and you need to visit for more reasons than one.

The tower’s the 5th tallest building in the world so it’s worth the trip just to see the view from above.  While you’re there, go and get your shop on before indulging in a delish meal or three.  So, without further ado, let’s talk about the best food in Lotte World Mall.

Crystal Jade

Located inside Avenuel, Crystal Jade is a Michelin guide recommended Chinese restaurant.  I recapped my entire experience for you guys on this post so make sure you take a look see.  I wasn’t impressed with everything I got, but I’d go back for their tang soo yuk alone.  Yes, it was THAT good.  Click for more info, friends!

Kangnam Boongeopang

Oh Nomsters, Kangnam Boongeopang is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  Boongeopang translates to fish cake…but the only thing fishy about it is it’s shape.  This delectable goldfish can be filled with all sorts of magic, but I recommend getting red bean or custard.  The texture is more cakey than chewy, and they heat it up for you once you pay for your noms so it’s basically heaven in your hand.  Make sure to stop by for dessert or a midday pick-me-up.

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I was craving Japanese food so I hit up Kokorobento the first night I was there.  I got two different dishes – their pork cutlet bento (9,500 won) and their beef cutlet set (15,000 won) – and the food was pretty good.  The tonkatsu could’ve been better, but the beef cutlet was nice and tender, and I liked that I got to cook my meat directly.  They brought me a hot plate so I enjoyed everything pipin’ hot at the temperature of my choice.

The best tonkatsu I’ve ever had though was at Song.  Located inside the Hyundai mall in Seoul, and the food was straight fire, like I went back twice and I still dream about their tonkatsu.  I tried their cheesy and regular, and both were ridiculously tasty.  Their soba and udon bowls were both fantastic as well so definitely make sure to go.  You can thank me afterwards!


Looking to indulge your sweet tooth?  Out of all the restaurants in Lotte World Mall, you want to check out Osulloc.  This location is instagrammable for more reasons than one – the interior looks like a Jeju tea garden, and their sweets taste as good as they look.  They have everything from green tea ice cream floats to matcha crepe cakes so go wild, friends.

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Seorae Naengmyeon

How many of you are familiar with naengmeon?  It’s a traditional noodle dish that’s been made since the 14th century.  It originated in North Korea but quickly gained popularity all over the country.  There are two different kinds:  mool naengmyeon and bibim naengmyeon.  Both are chilled, but the former’s served in a broth (made from beef, chicken or radish) and the latter’s tossed in a spicy chili (aka gochujang) sauce.

Like all of the aforementioned restaurants in Lotte World, Seorae Naengmyeon has a short menu.  You choose from 3 kinds of naengmyeon (mool, bibim or hwae bibim), 3 “meals,” dumplings, and that’s it.  FYI, hwae is marinated raw fish, and it’s usually skate.

For those of you interested, the 3 meals are as follows:  dduk mandu gook (rice cake and dumpling soup), gookbap (aka rice soup), and kalbitang (aka short rib soup).  Almost everything’s under 10 won so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg here to enjoy.  I got the bibim naengmyeon and dumplings for lunch, and it was enjoyable.  The noodles were tastier than the dumplings though so if you’re not super hungry, pass on these and save room for dessert.

Won Grandma Noodle & Bossam

Won Grandma Noodle & Bossam was by far one of the best Lotte tower restaurants.  I highly recommend getting a noodle set.  They have three different options available, and you can’t go wrong with any:  noodles + dumplings, noodles + pork belly, and noodles + extra pork belly, ha.

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The noodle/dumpling set is the most affordable at 11,800 won.  The next one’s 13,800 won and the most expensive’s 15,800.  The “smaller” pork belly set was more than enough food, but if you want to go hard, go with the bigger size.  The meat was juicy and tender, and the noodles had a beautiful texture to them.  The dumplings didn’t look particularly impressive, but they were really quite delicious.  In fact, they were WAY yummier than the dumplings we got at Seorae Naengmeon.

They had 4 different kinds available:  grandma noodle (with warm broth), bibim noodles (spicy mixed noodles, pictured above), yookgaejang noodles (noodles in a spicy warm broth), and a seasonal noodle option.  I tried the bibim and the yookgaejang, and the former was SO much more nomtastic than the latter.  I saw that a lot of people got the grandma noodle bowl though so go with a friend and get one of each!

Alright Nomsters, I hope you enjoyed this guide – Lotte World Tower food is known for being delicious so go hungry.  And if you have any questions about where to eat or what to do in Seoul, don’t be shy.  For more travel content, click here.  Until next time, errbody!


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