Top 10 Best Brunches in Arlington, Virginia

It’s been a minute since I last published an Arlington guide, but that’s all about to change soon.  There’s a TON coming your way so keep an eye out for dope recommendations around the area.  For today’s post, we’re gonna focus on 10 must try brunch spots in ARL – I’ve gotten a lot of requests for AYCE so there are a few included in my latest roundup.  So, let’s kick things off with the BEST, Ruthie’s All Day.

1.  Ruthie’s All Day

Honestly, Ruthie’s can do no wrong in my book.  Whether you go for brunch, lunch or dinner, I guarantee you’ll leave happy and full.  They honestly have some of the best food in NoVa, and that’s no exaggeration.  There’s a reason why Matt Hill was recently named a semifinalist for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic by the James Beard Foundation.  His food’s straight up insane.

ruthie's all day

Brunch here is always a good time, and you can’t go wrong with anything you get, but their apple donuts are a must try.  Along with their apple pie pancakes (OMG).  And they’re known for their BBQ as well so their brisket bennie’s a great option, too.  Everything’s good.  Go Wild.  Just Get it all.  Hit them up for brunch from 9-3PM on weekends to eat like royalty, and plan to thank me after.

brisket benedicts

2.  Ambar

Located in Clarendon, this Balkan gem’s famous for their all-you-can-eat brunch.  Enjoy unlimited eats for only $39.99 per person + brunch drinks for 25 cents a pop.  There’s  2 hour limit though, and the entire table has to participate so make sure y’all are on the same page before heading over.

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ambar arlington

A la carte’s also an option, but I recommend going with AYCE so you can try a variety of plates.  They have everything from prosciutto benedict to sudzuk beef flatbread so go hungry, friends.

3.  Stellina Pizzeria

I’ve always been a huge fan of their food so I’m thrilled to see them thrive and expand.  They have some of the best pizza in the area, and I still dream about their cacio & pepe.  On weekends (from 10:30-3PM), you hav the option of joining them for “social brunch,” and trust me when I say you want to join.

stellina shirlington

It’s priced at $35 per person, and the whole table needs to participate (minimum of 2 people).  You get 4 different plates to share + drinks of your choice!  I recommend the Prosecco with fresh squeezed OJ along with their panino cake, bismark pizza, tonarelli alla carbonara, and smashed potatoes.  Yes, I love carbs, and it’s the weekend so go hard!

4.  SER

Brought to you by the same owners of Joselito DC, SER’s a fabulous spot for lunch, dinner and of course, brunch.  Swing by from 11:30-4PM on weekends to enjoy beautiful Spanish food.  A la carte dining’s available, but they offer an enticing family-style tasting meal priced at $55/person.

ser spanish cuisine

Looking for recs?  Kick things off with oysters before enjoying their gambas al ajillo, pan catalana and revuelto de setas.  For your main, I highly recommend getting their paella – even the vegetarian one’s pretty damn impressive!  Andddd you’re welcome in advance.

5.  Green Pig Bistro

Available from 10-2:30 on weekends, Green Pig Bistro has a mean brunch you need to experience.  I’ve tried most of their menu, and standouts include their Angry Bird (deep fried chicken served with waffle wedges, sausage gravy, onion jam and maple syrup), brioche cinnamon rolls (YUM), house made biscuits, stuffed waffles (choose from whatever tickles your fancy), and their huevos rancheros, BOOM!

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6.  Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey’s a super cute brunch spot that’s known for their Sriracha honey fried chicken and waffles! Expect hearty and delicious food with a welcoming ambiance that’ll make you feel right at home.  Other favorites include their sweet potato pancakes and made-from-scratch biscuits so definitely make sure to give those dishes a try as well.  FYI, this spot’s a “chain” for all intents and purposes so pass if that’s not your jam.

7.  For Five

For Five has some really solid breakfast/brunch options!  Their Manhasset’s a beautiful breakfast sandwich that stuffed with eggs, halloumi, spinach, tomato and more.  That’s a go-to for sure, but they recently started offering the BLAT, and it’s a doozy.  Made with maple-glazed thick cut bacon, lettuce, avo, tomato and basil mayo, this epic handheld’s ridiculously tasty.

for five bacon sandwich

Prefer something even more substantial? Consider getting their spicy vodka rigatoni or their Korean chicken bao buns.  LOVE how they marinate their chicken – it’s SO flavorful, and the buns are surprisingly soft.  Really though, give ’em a try.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

spicy rigatoni for five

8.  Oby Lee

This unassuming spot has some of the best, if not THE best, crepes in Arlington!  It’s a hidden gem for sure so make sure to stop by ASAP. They have everything from savory breakfast crepes to sweet options like limoncello, fluffer nutter and honeycrisp apple cobbler.  Sounds amazing, right?  And in addition to crepes, they also offer pierogis, coffee creations, wine slushies and more.  They’re open on weekends from 9AM-9PM so go and get your nom on because you deserve to eat all the things.

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9.  The Liberty Tavern

Yet another AYCE place because people ask me for unlimited options all the time.  As per usual, the entire table’s required to participate, and pricing is as follows:  $29.95 for adults, $11.95 for kids under 12, and free for kids under 3.  And for an extra $15, you can add on unlimited penny cocktails if you’re looking to get lit.

10.  The Salt Line

Looking to treat yourself to some amazing seafood?  Head to The Salt Line (another DC favorite) to get your fix.  They serve brunch from 11-3PM on weekends, offering dishes like scallop ceviche, baked pimento crab dip, coddies, and smoked salmon benedict.  The oysters are a must, and they have a large selection to choose from so make sure to go with a variety of options.  And if their lobster roll’s available, get that as well!

Alright Nomsters, I hope you enjoyed today’s latest guide on 10 must try brunch spots in Arlington, Virginia!  There’s a lot more coming your way so make sure to check back daily, and remember to give @nomtasticva a follow as well.  For more on delicious NoVa eats, head to this tab to get your browse on.  Until next time – eat all the tings!


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