Is No Goodbyes Worth A Visit?

Absolutely.  Located inside The Line DC, the food at No Goodbyes kind of reminds me of the Dabney…which  makes sense since Chef Opie was the CDC there a few years back.  This spot’s been on my list for quite some time so I was excited to dine there with my wonderful friend Khoi aka @hungryglomad.

We got to eat inside the kitchen, which was extra awesome because the space was flooded with natural light.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the space, but it’s dark and moody aka great for date night but not for food pics, lol.

orchard point oysters

The meal was fantastic, and we ate an obscene amount of food so I have lots to share with y’all today.  Dinner started off with Orchard Point oysters – they were super fresh and came with a delicious ginger mignonette and house made hot sauce.

tater tots caviar

Shortly after, chef surprised us with these incredible tater tots.  I love caviar everything, and this combo’s foolproof.  It actually reminded me of the caviar-tot-creme fraîche combo I had at PDT NY a few weeks back.  I could eat this every day and never tire of it.  Because who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to fried ‘toes with caviar?

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Next up: crudités, fresh from Karma Farm.  It came with this amaaaaazing green goddess dressing, and I couldn’t stop eating it – the carrots were my favorite!  Then shortly afterwards, Khoi and I enjoyed chef’s charred cabbage caesar and ember grilled Path Valley carrots.

no goodbyes dc

I enjoyed both, but the cabbage was exceptional.  It was topped with breadcrumbs and served with a creamy benne caesar dressing, while the carrots were served with vadouvan yogurt, chili crunch and benne.  So satisfying, and it was cool to see so many amazing vegetarian/vegan options on the menu!

hush doggies

Another favorite of the evening? Their hush doggies.  These were crazy delicious; think juicy bratwurst coated in magic goodness and served with honey mustard.  I will 100% be back for round 2 because these were insane.

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bibb salad

Then one last plate of greens before our mains!  How gorgeous is this bibb though?  Made with shaved red onion, farm cheese, soft herbs and sorghum dressing, this was easily one of the most enjoyable salads I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring.

I couldn’t get over how tender the greens were.  Khoi told me the bib was phenomenal, but I remember thinking, “hmmm, do I really want to fill up on salad?”  The answer is yes, you absolutely want to get this salad.

lasagna no goodbyes

OK so for mains, we got two pasta dishes (lasagna and another noodle dish that’s no longer available), pork, fried chicken, and several sides, along with stupid tasty cornbread so good you’ll let out a borderline-orgasmic moan.

cornbread no goodbyes

For me, the highlight was the fried chicken.  It came with a side of BBQ black eyed peas, roasted carrots, and this amazing hot sauce butter that I couldn’t stop eating.  It was just really effing good fried chicken.  I mean, TBH I was stuffed at that point, but I somehow managed to down a ginormous piece regardless.  And I, of course, left with leftovers to enjoy the next morning.

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no goodbyes entrees

Dinner came to a sweet close with bread pudding and pavlova.  The latter was especially striking IMO – I loved the presentation and the combo of raspberry compote, lemongrass cream and lemon curd was on point.


Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed my latest recap!  Let me know if you have any questions, and definitely make sure to get to No Goodbyes if you haven’t been already.

Their menu’s seasonal so it changes quickly and often; it’s exciting since there’s always something new to try, but a bummer if you don’t get to try the dishes I told y’all about, lol.  Until next time – for more on DC eats, make sure to check out this tab, and stay tuned for more content coming your way soon.


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