The Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in the United States

Alright Nomsters, we hope you’re excited for today’s post because it’s a doozy.  We’ve been working on this for quite some time now so we’re beyond pumped to share it with y’all.

We initially wanted to feature the best fried chicken sandwich from each state, but it’s been a struggle, and quarantine definitely didn’t help.  So, we decided to just go ahead and post it!  We asked our favorite bloggers and influencers across the United States to talk about their favorites today so you’re in for a serious treat.  Leggo!

Alabama/@eatingalabamaSAW’S Soul Kitchen

The best fried chicken sandwich in Alabama is none other than the Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich from SAW’s Soul Kitchen in Birmingham, Alabama. This sweet tea brined chicken is incredibly tender on the inside and has the perfect crunch on the outside. The sandwich on their menu has pickles and white sauce on it but be sure to add a tomato and pimento cheese.   The pimento cheese brings this sandwich over the top!

saw's soul kitchen chicken sandwich

SAW’s Avondale is on 215 41st Street in Birmingham and is open Monday through Saturday from 11AM-8PM.  They also have three other restaurants in the area; one in Crestline, one in Homewood, and one in Southside.  You can find their addresses here on the bottom.

Arizona/@h2ochristinaMonroe’s Hot Chicken

Monroe's hot chicken sandwich

Fried chicken on a sandwich!? Count me in! Monroe’s Hot Chicken (@monroeshotchicken) located in Downtown Phoenix perfects this delicacy and leaves your tastebuds on a wild ride the moment you take your first bite! They have six different heat levels ranging from Southern (no heat) to What Da Cluck! (maximum heat in which a waiver must be signed).

Each of their specially created fried chicken sandwiches are all topped with southern slaw, pickles, and kick-it-up sauce on a toasted brioche bun. Want more bang for your cluck? Order off the secret menu and add Mac N Cheese and Hot Cheetos on top as well!

Located on 45 W. Jefferson St in downtown Phoenix, they’re closed on Sundays and open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 4PM.  Follow them on facebook or instagram for special events, pop ups and more.  Phone number:  602-872-7100.

California/@misspiggieeats:  Howlin Rays

Howlin Rays has one of the best fried chicken sandwiches of all time.  They actually live up to the hype unlike some of the other places I’ve tried.  There’s always a line out the door and the typical wait is about 1.5-2 hours!

Howlin Rays chicken sandwich

Their chicken sandwich has a prominent savory flavor of chili powder, with a comeback sauce and the chicken is super juicy!  Expect a sweet brioche bun, the crispy cabbage, the tart pickles and the perfectly battered chicken.  The flavors all come together so nicely – one bite and you’ll fall in love.

Located on 727 North Broadway #128 in Los Angeles, CA, they’re open Tuesday through Friday from 11AM-7PM, Saturday from 10AM-7PM, and Sunday from 10AM-7PM.  There’s free parking available in the lot beneath Far East Plaza for a maximum of 2 hours so make sure you take advantage.

District of Columbia/@eatdrinkdcLucky Buns

Although Alex McCoy’s Lucky Buns may be known for its behemoth burger creations (Bogan Bun is a favorite!), don’t overlook the chicken sammy options! From their take on a Bun Mi with grilled tandoori chicken to their Katsu Bun with fried chicken thigh, tonkatsu sauce, karashi slaw, nori and turmeric pickled daikon, there are plenty of poultry options.

lucky bunz chicken sandwich

The best bird sandwich on the menu? The Hot Tiger Bun – heat seekers will approve of the spice bomb that is the spicy fried chicken thigh sandwich smothered with Sichuan peppercorn spice paste, pickles, onion, mayo and finished with Chinese yellow mustard. The momentary heat stroke is well worth it. Make sure to grab extra napkins to wipe the sweat off your brow and plenty of water to wash it down with – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

They have three locations in the DC area:  Adams Morgan, Union Market, and Capitol One Arena.  They’re open for dinner Monday through Sunday from 5PM-11PM, brunch on weekends from 11AM-3PM, and late night supper Thursday through Saturday from 11:30PM ’til close.

Florida/@fluentinfood_Cafe 72

cafe 72 chicken sandwich

The Country Fried Chicken Sandwich from Cafe 72 is the ultimate balance between crispy and saucy.  This beautiful creation gives you the perfect bite complete with bacon, fried chicken, honey dijon, and a brioche bun.  The bite coupled with the unique atmosphere of the restaurant make it a must-do in Miami, FL.

Located on 7201 NW 36th Street, Cafe 72’s open from 6AM-4PM Monday & Tuesday, 6AM-5PM on Wednesday, 6AM-2AM on Thursdays, 6AM-4AM on Fridays, and 7AM-4AM on Saturdays.  If you have questions, give them a call at (305) 593-0585.

Georgia/@foodistagirlLittle Rey

This sandwich from Atlanta chicken hotspot Little Rey is called “La Torta Diabla,” and it is devilishly delicious. The crispy, spicy chicken is stacked between brioche buns and fastened with a stick for easy eating. Topped with jalapeño ranch, salsa macha, cabbage, and pickles, it is flavorful and extremely filling.

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little rey chicken sandwich

Located on 1878 Piedmont Avenue NE, they’re open Sunday through Thursday from 8AM-9PM and Friday and Saturday from 8AM-10PM, and Sunday from 8AM-3PM.  Need to reach them? Their phone number’s (770) 796-0207.


EARL stands for “Eat a Real Lunch!”  We couldn’t agree more.  This is a famous Honolulu establishment for gourmet sandwiches, and when they rolled out their spicy chicken sandwich last year, we know we had to try it.

earl po boi sandwich

The Fried Chicken Po Boi (Nashville) is tossed in a smooth buttery hot sauce with remoulade, tomato, pickle and lettuce.  The sweet and spicy flavor was just incredible, and it’s perfectly cooked and juicy as can be.  The spice level is on point, and we imagine it’s enough to satisfy fans of heat, but not too much to scare away the faint of heart.  Keep in mind, you can also get this without spice so go wild.

Located on 1137 11th Avenue and 400 Keawe Street, the former’s open from 10AM-8PM Monday through Saturday, and the latter from 10AM-4PM Monday through Sunday.

Indiana/@indianapoleats: The Eagle

The Eagle is located in the trendy downtown walking street of Mass Ave. They put an upscale twist on classic comfort home-style southern dishes, that makes you crave coming back for more! They also have a lively outdoor patio, perfect to enjoy great food and drinks with friends when the weather is nice along with a killer fried chicken sandwich.

the eagle chicken sandwich

Located on 310 Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis, they’re open from Sunday through Thursday from 11AM-12AM and Friday & Saturday from 11AM-3AM.  Reach them at (317) 929-1799 with any questions you may have.

Kentucky/@foodismythangBiscuit Belly

The best fried chicken sandwich I’ve had in Kentucky is from Biscuit Belly in Louisville, Kentucky. The sandwich is fittingly named “The G.O.A.T” It consists of two southern fried chicken tenders on a flakey, buttery biscuit topped with tangy crumbled goat cheese and sweet red pepper jelly.

biscuit belly chicken sandwich

I absolutely love all of the contrasting flavors in this dish, and even the Biscuit Belly employees say this is the best item on the menu. The only con is that you definitely need to eat this sandwich with a fork, because the biscuits is so soft and fluffy compared to the pieces of chicken… but who ever considered fluffy biscuits a problem?

Biscuit Belly has two locations in Louisville, one in NULU and one in St. Matthews.  The former’s located on 900 East Main Street, the latter on 3723 Lexington Road.  They’re both open from 7:30AM to 2PM Monday through Thursday, and 7:30AM-3PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For more information, check out their site.

Louisiana/@eatenpathnola Blue Oak BBQ

blue oak bbq chicken sandwich

You can only find this sandwich on Tuesdays at Blue Oak BBQ in New Orleans so mark your calendars. This tasty sandwich is worth a weekly trip to this famous bbq spot. It’s juicy, spicy, crispy and just over all perfect!  Located on 900 North Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans, Blue Oak BBQ’s open Tuesday – Sunday from 11 to 9 PM.


Mr. Chicken from LFK in Portland, Maine has a good combination of crunch and melt in your mouth good.  Not only does the Mr. Chicken pair well with a West End Mule, but it also goes well with their curly fries.  Dip that sammy into some sriracha ranch – you won’t regret the goodness of the combo.  Did I mention it also contains bacon?

lfk chicken sandwich

Located on 188A State Street, they’re open from 5PM-1AM, Monday through Sunday.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give them a call at (207) 899-3277.

Maryland/@NomtasticFoods:  Ekiben

ekiben chicken sandwich

Looking for the best fried chicken sandwich in the US?  Book a trip to Baltimore to experience the sorcery that is Ekiben.  Located in Fells Point, Chefs Ephrem Abebe and Steve Chu come together to create all things delicious in this hip hole-in-the-wall.

Their neighborhood bird will have you coming back for more time and time again.  Picture a juicy, crispy Taiwanese curry fried chicken thigh served on top of the fluffiest steamed bun your mouf will ever bite into.  Topped with spicy sambal mayo, pickles and fresh herbs, let this goodness seduce your tastebuds, and thank us after for the foodgasm you’ll undoubtedly experience.  We gotchu, you’re welcome.

Located on 1622 Eastern Avenue, Ekiben’s open Monday – Thursday from 11 to 10PM, Friday & Saturday from 11 to 11PM, and they’re closed on Sunday and everyday from 3:30-4:30PM.  Have questions?  Hit ’em up at (410) 558-1914.

Massachusetts/@foodwithabiteSaus Boston

saus boston chicken sandwich

Saus Boston is the holy grail of the chicken sandwich. This foodie heaven serves made-from-scratch dishes with over 15 unique sauces. It’s the perfect pairing of quality chicken, homemade slaw, crunchy pickles, topped off with a savory + tangy sauce. You’ll be planning your next trip before you leave.

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Located on 33 Union Street, Saus is open Monday to Tuesday from 11:30-3PM, Wednesday from 11:30-9PM, Thursday from 11:30-12AM, Friday & Saturday from 11:30AM-2AM, and Sunday from 11:30AM-8PM.  They also have a second location at Bow Market!

Nevada/@thelasvegasfoodieChicks & Butts

chicks & butts chicken sandwich

Located on the strip at Hawaiian Marketplace, this secret menu item is an absolute must try.  Meet Chicks & Butts’ buffalo chicken sandwich:  juicy chicken with buffalo sauce that’s flavorful and just the right amount of spicy.  The coleslaw’s made to order so it’s nice and crunchy!  Their address is 3743 S Las Vegas Blvd, and they’re open Sunday through Thursday from 10-10PM and Friday/Saturday from 10-2AM.  Enjoy!

New Hampshire/@wanderful_foodKC’s Rib Shack

KC’s Rib Shack is by far one of the best bbq restaurants in New Hampshire, so it’s not a surprise that this sandwich does not disappoint! They put a giant mound of slow cooked pulled chicken in this sandwich, so you’ll definitely need two hands (and maybe a fork) to help you eat this.

kc's rib shack chicken sandwich

The sandwich is topped with roasted sweet red peppers and garlic and herb mayo, which give a delicious mix of sweet and savory. There’s also many sides you can choose from, but my personal favorite is the mashed potatoes with gravy!

Located on 837 Second Street in Manchester, New Hampshire, KC’s Rib Shack is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:30AM-9PM and Friday and Saturday from 11:30AM-10PM.  Have questions?  Give them a ring at (603) 627-7427.

New York/@coffeeandchampagne: The Ribbon

the ribbon chicken sandwich

There are so many great fried chicken sandwiches around NYC! The perfectly balanced crispness to juiciness ratio of the one at The Ribbon UWS has my heart. That said, the same umbrella company owns Blue Ribbon so if you’re looking for a more fast-food styled option, theirs are awesome and over-the-top playful too!
Located on 20 West 72nd Street between W Central Park & Columbus on the upper west side.  They open from Monday – Wednesday from 11 to 11PM, 11-12AM Thursday & Friday, 10-12AM on Saturday, and 10-11PM on Sunday.  Have questions?  Give them a ring at (347) 504-7541.

North Carolina/@scallionpancakeYafo Kitchen

Chef Shai Fargian combined his native Israel with his current home of Charlotte to create one of the best chicken sandwiches around. A fried chicken schnitzel is topped with spicy red schug (Israeli Hot Sauce), purple cabbage, and put in the middle of a delicious potato bun for your eating pleasure. So good, it will have you questioning if Nashville even knows how to do hot chicken right.

yafo kitchen chicken sandwich

Yafo Kitchen has three locations in Charlotte, North Carolina:  one in Southpark, one in Midwood, and one in Dilworth.  Need to get in touch with them?  Peep their addresses and contact information here.

Ohio/@edibleclevelandSauce the City

With plenty of solid fried chicken sandwiches to choose from, my very favorite friend chicken sandwich of all time is from Sauce the City, at the Ohio City Galley in Cleveland.

sauce the city chicken sandwich

Victor Searcy’s Cleveland Hot Chicken Sandwich is wet, sloppy, and spicy – the kind of spice that is delicious as heck, but that makes your lips tingle for a while after the sandwich is long gone.

I like the heft of the sandwich; it requires two hands and some degree of care to navigate the sauce-drenched chicken, piled high on a pillowy bun, and topped with crunchy, creamy slaw.  My advice – wear something that will be unscathed by a drip or two or the plentiful sauce.

best chicken sandwich

Located on 1400 West 25th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, they’re open from 11-9 daily so go and get your fix.  Have questions?  Give them a call (216) 702-6874.

Pennsylvania/@foodbythegramLove and Honey Fried Chicken

love and honey fried chicken sandwich

Meet the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from Love and Honey Fried Chicken in Philadelphia. It features a spicy piece of fried chicken, topped with ranch slaw, sweet pickles, and ranch on a brioche bun. It’s the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and tangy, with just the right amount of heat!

Love and honey does all of their fried chicken in house, brining each piece for 8 hours, then dredging it in buttermilk and seasoned flour, frying in canola oil, and then finishing with a drizzle of honey!

Located on 1100 North Front Street in Philadelphia.  Closed on Monday & Tuesday, open from 11-8 (or until they sell out) Wednesday – Saturday and 11- 7 on Sunday.  Follow them on social media to see if they’re sold out for the day.

South Carolina/@girleatscharlestonBoxcar Betty’s

The Boxcar is huge, so big that you might need a fork at some point to eat it all. The chicken is always juicy and savory, and the toppings (pimento cheese, pickles, spicy mayo, peach slaw) create a perfectly balanced flavor combo. The menu only has a few chicken sandwich options to choose from, so it’s clear they have perfected the item they do best.

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boxcar betty chicken sandwich

Boxcar Betty’s has four different restaurants in South Carolina along with a place in Chicago so make sure to check out their “locations” tab on their website to see which is closest to you.

Texas/@datfoodpornMico’s Hot Chicken

mico's hot chicken sandwich

Want to know what heaven tastes like? Mico’s Hot Chicken. A soft, toasted bun with moist, juicy chicken exploding with flavor and a nice burn if you get it with heat – choose from no heat, mild, medium and x-hot. The fresh coleslaw and crunchy pickles neutralize the spice, and you’ll be itching for yet another bite.

Mico’s Hot Chicken is located on 1603 North Durham Drive.  They were established in June 2019, and they’re the only food truck/spot serving Nashville hot chicken in the Houston area.  They’re closed on Monday & Tuesday, but open from 11-9PM Wednesday – Sunday.  Give ’em a ring at (713) 548-6081 if you have any questions.

Utah/@utahfoodandtravelPretty Bird Chicken

A little sweet and a lot of heat, Pretty Bird Chicken is not only our top chicken sandwich in Utah, it’s also in our top 5 must tries in Salt Lake City.  Chef Viet Pham’s chicken has beaten Bobby Flay twice with his Nashville hot chicken recipe and we assure you it lives up to the hype.

pretty bird chicken sandwich

Located on 146 South Regent Street in Salt Lake City, Utah, Pretty Bird Chicken’s open Monday through Saturday from 11AM-9PM.  They’re closed daily from 3:30-5PM and they occasionally sell out so run, don’t walk.  Have questions?  Shoot them a message at info@prettybirdchicken.com.

Vermont/@hungryenoughtoeatsixMonarch & The Milkweed

Loved for their exquisite pastries, creative CBD edibles and craft cocktails, Monarch & The Milkweed also makes an incredible fried chicken sandwich. The buttermilk-battered chicken breast is nestled in a soft brioche bun with red onion, melted Gruyere, pickles and their tangy “special sauce”. The sandwich has impressive height, and the chicken is so juicy under the crispy coating. It’s an unexpected but delicious find in this hip and eclectic little restaurant!

monarch chicken sandwich

Located at 111 Saint Paul Street in Burlington, VT, they’re open from 8AM-11PM Tuesday through Thursday, 8AM-1AM Friday and Saturday, and 8AM-5PM on Sunday.  Have questions?  Give them a ring at (802) 310-7828.

Virginia/@vafoodieLowCo Eatery Food Truck

We may be known for ham, but Virginia loves fried chicken too! We asked the fans of @VAFoodie for their favorite. The results? A blowout win for the LowCo Eatery Food Truck in Richmond.

lowco eatery chicken sandwich

Their Nashville Hot chicken sandwich has a huge cult following, and it’s only been on the menu since December 2019! For more information on the LowCo food truck, follow them on facebook.  Other chicken champion contenders include Handsome Biscuit in Norfolk, Hot Chick in Richmond, and Wooboi Chicken in Herndon.

Washington/@lyfeofjessThe Wandering Goose

the wandering goose chicken sandwich

Hidden in Capitol Hill (Seattle) lies a thirty seat, Southern influenced cafe that welcomes you to start your day with their delicious comfort food. Possibly the best Chicken Sandwich that i’ve had in Seattle; imagine a biscuit that’s flaky and buttery and then put a perfectly fried chicken that’s juicy in the middle in between the biscuit. Now, add in the arugula and tomatoes, and voila – you got the perfect Chicken Sandwich that you know will make your stomach happy!
Want to try The Wandering Goose’s special of the day biscuit sandwich?  Call them at (206) 323-9938 to see when it’s available.  Located on 403 15th Ave. E, they’re open from 7-4PM everyday.  Go on Friday to try their fried chicken dinner – available from 5-9PM each week.


Some might think of Camino as a little hole-in-the-wall, but the food that this place puts out is absolutely phenomenal, especially their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich served during brunch. This is what we consider to be our favorite and the best chicken sandwich in Milwaukee. It features an incredibly juicy boneless chicken thigh along with a light and crispy breading that’s basted in the perfect Nashville Hot sauce.

camino chicken sandwich

Located on 434 South 2nd Street in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood, Camino is open Sunday through Thursday from 11AM-1AM and Friday & Saturday from 11AM-2AM< and their kitchen closes at midnight.  Reach them at (414) 800-5641 with any questions and/or concerns.

Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap!  A huge, HUGE thanks to all of our influencer friends for contributing.  We hyperlinked their handles so definitely make sure to give them all a follow for delicious content on the daily.

We’re curious to hear what your thoughts are.  Do you see your favorite fried chicken sandwich listed?  Do you disagree with someone’s picks?  Let us know by leaving a comment below and stay tuned for more nomtastic content coming your way.  We update every Monday, Thursday and Saturday so keep an eye out!  Until next time, friends.


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