14 Spots for Late Night Food in the SF Peninsula

I made this list out of my own desire to see what options I had for late night food in the SF Peninsula other than fast food.

Now, I’m not implying that these places are healthier than fast food, but there are some genuinely intriguing spots that offer all kinds of food. So if you’re craving something in particular after hours, you just might be able to grab some.

Bet you didn’t know that there’s even a gourmet ramen vending machine that prepares your noodles on demand, and it’s actually pretty good!

So here we go – let me know if you’d add anything to the list in the comments or DM us at @nomtasticfoods!

Where to get late night food in the Bay Area Peninsula

1. E Plus Restaurant (South SF)

Hours: 1:30am everyday

This one is actually a karaoke spot that serves food, so if you’re looking for a place to grab some food and continue the night out, check this one out!

2. Dahab Restaurant & Cafe (South SF)

Hours: 12am Sun-Thu, 2am Fri-Sat

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Halal options are pretty sparse after 9pm, but this is one spot that caters to that lifestyle!

3. A One Kitchen & Bar (San Bruno)

Hours: 1am Thu-Tue, closed Wed

You can get all kinds of Asian fusion and even garlic crab.

4. Seniore’s Pizza (San Bruno/San Mateo)

Hours: 1am Sun-Thu, 3am Fri-Sat


Seniore’s is an institution in the Bay Area, and I grew up eating at their Sunset location on many a late night food run in SF. Late at night you want that thick and cheesy pizza – none of that thin crust – and this satisfies every craving.

5. Leann’s Cafe (Burlingame)

Hours: 24 hrs

This is more of a typical diner vibe, and it’s open literally 24/7, so if you’re craving some American food at any hour of the day, here’s your spot!

6. Yo-Kai Express Vending Machine (Millbrae)

Hours: 24 hrs

Yo-Kai Express is a magical vending machine that makes “gourmet” ramen, udon, and pho on demand! If you’re looking for some bomb late night food in the SF Peninsula at literally any hour of the day, check this one out!

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7. Taqueria el Nayarita (San Mateo)

Hours: 1am Mon-Thu, 2am Fri-Sun

El Nayarita has a lot of your typical Mexican foods, and the people there are super hard-working and friendly.

8. CRAFT/CODE Kitchen & Cocktails (San Mateo)

Hours: 12am everyday

This spot is located in the San Mateo Marriott and is mainly a bar after 10pm, but they have a short menu of food items like quesadillas, a turkey club, and a burger, among other things.

So grab some late night food in the SF Peninsula, and maybe a drink or two if that’s where the night takes you.

9. Mr. Pizza Man (San Mateo)

Hours: 12am Mon-Sat

A solid pizza option for late night grubbin’!

10. The Swingin’ Door (San Mateo)

Hours: 2am everyday

If you’re looking for great food AND entertainment, you need to check this place out!

They have an extensive menu, plus a comedy show on Mondays, karaoke on Wednesday-Saturday, dueling pianos on Friday and Saturday, and trivia night on Sundays.

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So if you’re feeling like some good ol’ fish and chips, a burger, or chili fries, make sure to head on over!

11. St. James Gate Bar & Restaurant (Belmont)

Hours: 1am Sun-Thu, 1:30 Fri-Sat

Burgers, tacos, sandwiches, wraps… they’ve got it all. You can also order delivery up until 8:30pm, but if you want the late night food in the SF Peninsula experience, you’ll need to dine in.

12. ECR Pub (Belmont)

Hours: 12am Sun-Wed, 1:30am Thu-Sat

Chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, burgers, shrimp and grits… basically all the heavy types of food you’d want late at night to satisfy those cravings!

Keep in mind the kitchen closes at 10pm, but they still have bar snacks like a sausage plate with caramelized onions and white cheddar.

13. Wingstop (multiple)

Hours: 12am Sun-Thu, 1am Fri-Sat

Just thought I’d throw these last two places in just FYI.

14. In-n-Out (multiple)

Hours: 1am Sun-Thu, 1:30 Fri-Sat

‘Nuff said.


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