8 Best Chicken Wings in SF

Wings literally never get old. There are so many ways to prepare them, and they’re perfect for everything from family dinners to parties and even binge watching the newest Netflix craze! San Francisco has no shortage of restaurants putting their own unique spin on the classic dish, but to be part of this list they really had to stand out. So if you’ve been on a mission to find the best chicken wings in SF, hopefully I can narrow your search. Here are the spots you NEED to check out!

1. San Tung

San Tung is an institution in SF that’s been around for years, and they really became famous for their Dry Fried Chicken Wings. They’re sweet and spicy, and are always a little crispy despite being doused in the sauce. If you love wings, this is a definite must-try!

Photo by Bernice L. on Yelp

2. Fire Wings

Admittedly, I haven’t been to the location in SF, specifically, but this is a relatively large chain in California that, in my opinion, is WAY better than Wing Stop. So much more flavor in each wing, 20 flavors to choose from (compared to Wingstop’s 12), and they have other delicious sides like garlic noodles and chili cheese fries. Definitely try their garlic parmesan and dragon wings!

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3. Chubby Noodle

Chubby Noodle does Asian fusion really well, and their Firecracker Wings are the perfect combination of sweet with some heat. They’re similar to San Tung’s legendary wings, but i’m not sure if I’d put them on the same level. They’re still freakin’ amazing, though, so if you live closer to North Beach and you’re craving some Asian-style wings, don’t sleep on these!

4. Alnico

Alnico is a relatively new discovery and they’re another spot that makes some really tasty Asian fusion food. One great example of this is their Korean Chicken Wings and Waffles made with honey soy glaze and black sesame butter. I doubt you’ve ever had chicken and waffles like this, so be sure to stop by for a plate! They’re only open on weekends for brunch, so plan ahead.

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5. Lucky Pig

I guess this is more fried chicken than chicken wings, but I had to include The Lucky Pig because their Korean Fried Chicken is off the chain! We’ve featured them in other posts before since they’re one of our favorite spots in the city, but if this is your first time reading about them, their chicken is perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy and moist on the inside, and they serve the chicken with the sauce on the side so it stays crispy. Don’t miss this place!

6. Schroeder’s

If buffalo wings are you speed, then Schroeder’s is where you need to go. Their wings have that classic taste without being overly spicy, so you can enjoy the tangy flavor while sipping on one of their many beers. Be sure to grab a wurst while you’re there, too!

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7. The Bird

I’m a huge fan of The Bird and their fried chicken sandwiches, but their wings are also top notch! They use the same tangy and spicy semi-dry rub that they use for their spicy fried chicken sandwich, and it’s so, so good. Just be prepared to make a mess.

8. Proposition Chicken

Another awesome wings and fried chicken joint that used to be located on Market St. kind of down towards the Mission, but relocated to Laurel Village after the pandemic started. They have multiple flavors to choose from (buffalo, honey mustard, bbq), and I pretty much get an order of all of them whenever I go. But if I had to choose? Honey mustard.

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