4 DC Cocktail Crawls You Need to Experience

Nomsters, who’s ready to get LIT?!  If you follow me instagram, you already know I’ve been into crawls as of late.  So for today’s post, I decided to add a few more and share because who doesn’t want to dine and imbibe like a boss?  For those of you looking to have a good time, make sure you bookmark and save because you’re in for a treat.

The Ultimate Cocktailhead Crawl

Start your evening off at Espita and enjoy their mezcal-based cocktails.  Everything’s hyper seasonal, and they don’t have a bad drink on their menu so go wild.  Then, walk around the corner to visit Columbia Room.  Their tasting room’s open, but they also have a new pop up called Disco Mary which is dope.

disco mary

The space is a VIBE, and they have some of the best NA drinks in the city.  It’s not a sober pop-up though so you have the option of adding alcohol to whatever you get, and they have fantastic vegan small plates as well – the hearts of palm ceviche is a must try!

Next up:  Allegory.  Located inside the gorgeous Eaton hotel, this is the ultimate speakeasy with insanely delicious craft cocktails.  I hear they’re changing menus soon so get there ASAP to enjoy “They Can’t Kill Us All” and the “Jabberwocky.”  They also offer personalized cocktails so just tell your bartender what you like, and they’ll whip somethin’ special up for you.

allegory dc

Afterwards, walk four blocks down to Silver Lyan.  Geek out over their cool AF menu and treat yourself to bougie jello shots.  They’re expensive but god, they’re delicious.  Then finish your night off at Barmini and splurge on their truffle grilled cheese because you deserve all things delicious.

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silver lyan dc

Their presentation’s always fire so make sure you have your phone ready.  I love all things ginger so their “Apollo” is my go-to – it looks like a rocket, and it’s made with honey vodka, lemon, mancino vermouth bianco, elderflower and ginger.

The Hidden Gems Bar Crawl

Start off at The Passenger.  This spot’s an awesome neighborhood bar with good cocktails, great food, and a legendary past.  Then, move onto Electric Cool-Aid for some of the BEST frozen drinks you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying.  Expect uber creative drinks that will leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

Then trek over to The Royal.  They have a really solid cocktail program, but not many people seem to know about it.  Treat yourself to some amazing food while you’re there – their arepas are a must in my opinion, but you can’t go wrong with anything you get there.

Conclude your evening at All Souls. Think of this place as the ultimate neighborhood bar.  It’s one of those classic IYKYK bars with great cocktails that are simple yet delicious.  No frills, just solid drinks you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

The Best of AdMo

Kick your evening off at Jack Rose to experience DC’s largest whiskey collection.  Enjoy a drink or two before popping over to The Green Zone, easily one of the coolest bars in DC proper IMO.  Get any of their specialized Middle Eastern cocktails!  You honestly can’t go wrong with anything, but my favorite’s their frozen mint lemonade.  It’s a banger time and time again.

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Head to Grand Duchess after for super chill vibes.  This spot is a classic neighborhood bar that supports local artists.  Spend some quality time here before walking over to Tiki on 18th.  Jo-jo Valenzuela is an industry icon, and everything he does is gold.  Treat yourself to any of his amazing draft tiki cocktails and make sure you get some of his amazing Filipino food.

Dupont Circle

Each crawl thus far has been fairly cocktail-centric, but this one’s all about food AND drink.   Start your night off at Bar Charley – they’re known for their fun tiki style cocktails, and they have some seriously dope happy hour deals.  Their noms are solid, but pace yourself because you’re in for a long night of dining and imbibing.

Then head over to Anju, previously voted Washingtonian’s #1 best restaurant.  If you’re unfamiliar with Korean alcohol, you’re in for a serious treat.  In addition to some truly creative cocktails, you’re going to want to experience their house infused soju and makgeolli.

This goes without saying, but their food’s also a must. They have some of the best Korean fried chicken I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and other winners include their mandu (dumplings), yukhoe (Korean beef tartare) and their ori jajang myeon.

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anju dc

Digest a bit before moving on to Astoria.  I love, love, LOVE the interior and ambiance here – it’s such an amazing bar.  Brought to you by the same owners of Copycat Co., their food’s fire as well.  In terms of drinks, talk to their bartender, tell them what you’re feeling, and they’ll make sure to guide you on the right path.

Assuming you’re with a group of frands, get a nice spread for the table – just make sure you get their chili wontons and water boiled beef because those are some of my favorites so I therefore assume you’ll love them, too.

Bring your evening to a close at Residents.  This Michelin Bib Gourmand has some seriously insta-worthy cocktails, and their food’s great as well.  Their Bee – made with raw honey, bee wax, propolis, bee pollen, nordic mead and tom cat gin –  actually went viral a while back, and it’s still available on their menu for those of you interested.  The Ice Queen does this really cool honeycomb ice cube for it so make sure to snap a pic before you enjoy.

Alright Nomsters, I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  I’m all about sharing my love for DC so make sure you stay tuned for more content coming your way.  In the meantime, make sure you check out this tab for more on the district, and let me know if you have any topic requests by leaving a comment below.  Until next time, friends!


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