10 Super Unique San Francisco Brunch Spots You Need in Your Life

What’s up, Nomsters! An awesome brunch can easily be the highlight of our day, so sharing our favorite spots is something we get amped about. And finding the best brunch in San Francisco can be a daunting task considering how competitive a food city it is. With restaurants constantly opening and closing, the ones on this list have proven themselves and are definitely worth a try! I’m going to keep this intro short because the title and the list speak for themselves, so let’s dig in!

Where to get the best brunch in San Francisco:

1. Curio Bar SF

Curio is a really cool spot in the Mission that’s definitely a contender for best brunch in San Francisco – or at the very least best brunch in the Mission – which blends traditional brunch items with some southern influences. They have a great dinner and cocktails menu with a full bar at their disposal, but their weekend brunch really blew us away. The Cinnamon Babka French Toast was the standout dish, for sure!

Curio Bar SF Cinnamon Babka French Toast

Read More About Curio Here

2. SPRO Coffee Lab

No list of the best brunch places in SF is complete without mentioning SPRO Coffee Lab! It’s an incredible food truck located in Spark Social in Mission Bay, and they do everything from super unique coffee creations (think cocktail style mixing of ingredients, but alcohol free) to delicious brunch dishes. A serious must-try is the Umami Bomb, pictured above, which simply put, is their version of avocado toast, but through using a bunch of Japanese style flavors, they’ve crafted a truly special plate.

Read More About SPRO Coffee Lab Here

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SPRO Lattes Best Brunch in San Francisco

SPRO Umami Bomb Best Brunch in San Francisco

3. Straw

Straw is a small cafe style brunch spot in SF offering some one-of-a-kind menu items like their Fried Chicken -n- Waffle Monte Cristo and the Ring Master (donut burger). As along as you’re hungry and aren’t looking for something especially healthy, these two dishes are freakin’ tasty! The Ring Master combines the sweetness of the donuts with the savoriness of the patty and cheese, which is a great combo. The fried chicken in the chicken and waffles had a little spice to it, and the fact you can eat it kind of like a sandwich makes it that much more enjoyable.

Straw SF Fried Chicken n Waffles Monte Cristo - Best Brunch in San Francisco

Straw SF The Ring Master Donut Burger - Best Brunch in San Francisco

4. Scoma’s Restaurant

Scoma’s has been a mainstay in San Francisco since the 1960’s for their incredible seafood that’s locally sourced from Bay Area fishermen. They’ve always served dinner, but more recently they’ve decided to open up outdoor patio seating right by the water in Fisherman’s Wharf for weekend brunch! We have a full post on their brunch here, as well as another full post on their dinner here, so check them out and plan a weekend with your friends!

5. August (1) Five

August (1) Five is the perfect example of brunch fusion. They take traditional western brunch and mix it with Indian flavors and foods to create a spectacular and unique menu. It’s a little on the pricier side, but we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be happy you ate there. Make sure to try their Chicken and Waffles, which consists of dosa waffles, spiced fried chicken, and their own chili maple syrup. You can check their full brunch menu here.

August 1 Five Spread Best Brunch in San Francisco

6. Sweet Maple

Sweet Maple is one of those places you have to line up EARLY for if you want to get a table right when they open. There’s a very good reason for the popularity, though. It’s delicious and definitely a top pick for us in the city! They’re probably most famous for their Millionaire’s Bacon, and we totally recommend the Blackstone Benedict where they put it INSIDE the benedict! So crazy good, and dare we say the best eggs benedict in San Francisco? Quite possibly. This is also a fun place to go when the weather is nice because they have some seating on the sidewalk if you’re looking for an outdoor brunch.

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Sweet Maple Millionaire's Bacon

Sweet Maple Blackstone Benedict

7. Le Marais

Le Marais has become a staple in SF, with their original location in the Castro, and a second location that was opened up in the Polk Gulch. They make some bomb pastries that you can order at your table or at their pastry counter to-go. Some other highlights are their customizable boards where you can choose up to 6 or 7 items (fruit, avocado, granola, yogurt, smoked salmon, etc.), as well as their Cr’q Madame, which has a bit of a horseradish-y kick to it, which was surprisingly awesome!

Read More About Le Marais Here

Le Marais Assorted Pastries

8. Home

Home Cafe is another place that has quickly found a home (womp womp) in SF’s Sunset and Richmond districts. They make yummy lattes with beautiful latte art, as well as several brunch toasts that we love! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we recommend anything with condensed milk and cereal. It looks like they may have stopped offering the Lucky Charms toast in the photo above, but they now have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch-inspired toast on the menu that sounds super good.

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Read More About Home Cafe Here

Home Flat Lay

9. LaLe

LaLe does an incredible job of bringing brunch and Mediterranean food together in perfect harmony. You can get the more typical brunch stuff like benedicts and french toasts, but you can also get things like their Watermelon Salad, which is one of the most refreshing dishes we’ve had, as well as their Cold Sampler with pita to get a little taste of all their various sauces and sides. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a healthy brunch in SF and you’re tired of the played out avocado toasts and acai bowls.

LaLe Watermelon Salad
LaLe Cold Sampler

Read More About LaLe Here

10. Son & Garden

Son & Garden is brought to you by the same amazing people behind Farmhouse Kitchen Thai, and since the pandemic started they started offering the Secret Garden Tea Party set, which includes lots of pastries, a few sandwiches, some fruits, two cups of tea, and several sets of plates and utensils. Oh, it also includes that 3-tiered stand so you can set this all up literally anywhere. It’s great for a spur of the moment brunch with friends or family, and we love setting this up in the backyard.

Read all about the Secret Garden Tea Party set here!

Son & Garden secret garden tea party set seen from above

And that’s our list! Do you have any other places you think can contend for best brunch in San Francisco?

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