Cream Cruiser: Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches

With everything going on in the world, it’s more important than ever to treat yourself.  And what better way to do so than to enjoy the ice cream sandwich of your dreams?  Enter Cream Cruiser.

Cream Cruiser ice cream sandwich kit

This bomb woman owned business was founded in Baltimore, MD a few years back.  She began selling her incredible gelato at local farmers markets and festivals on pink ice cream bikes, perfecting her recipes and getting to know her customer base.

Since then, she’s expanded to grocery stores, restaurants, stadiums and more, and she also ships noms all over the east coast, which is great news…for everyone who lives on the east coast.

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Cream Cruiser gelato

For those of you interested, you have two options to choose from:  their birthday box and their customizable ice cream kit.  The former comes with 16 cookies (chocolate chip and double chocolate), birthday cake and fudge brownie gelato pints, and the following 3 Cream Cruiser toppings (birthday mix, chopped chocolate wafer cookie, and crushed Snickers).

The latter contains the same amount of cookies, but you decide which pints and toppings you get.  For gelato, you have a choice between cookies & cream, salty caramel, strawberry and vanilla.  For toppings, you got 4 options available:  cookie dough, crushed Oreo cookies, rainbow sprinkles and Reeses pieces.

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baltimore gelato

We got cookies & cream, vanilla, cookie dough, and crushed Oreos, and set everything up all cute.  The gelato’s rich and creamy, and the cookies are absolutely delicious.  Whether you have kids or want to have some good ol’ fashioned adult fun, their DIY ice cream sandwiches are a blast for people of all ages.

DIY ice cream sandwiches

Priced at $55 per kit, you can place your order pretty far in advance, which is super convenient.  And they do a brilliant job packing everything up so you don’t have to worry about melted noms or any of that nonsense.

ice cream sandwich

So, are you hyped yet?  To get in on the delicious fun, place your order here, and stay tuned for more. We update our blog daily so you’re gonna want to check back soon.  For more on Charm City eats, browse this tab, and make sure to eat all the things because life is too damn short.

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